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  1. What a great idea! I would love to try to find this! (hopefully you are somewhat nearby I live in an area that is heavily into Vikings (not even MN) so something like this would be fun to hide here too. I won't copy you though. I like the idea of the two logbooks also. Perhaps I have found just some really good LBH caches because it has added a whole new thrill to geocaching for me. Sorry people are so angry about this, but I hope they don't go away. I'll leave the philosophical ramifications of this to others, but in my hybrids I have two logbooks - one for geocaching and one for letterboxing - with separate stash notes in separate bags. I started doing it that way to help protect the stamp. Geocachers did not necessarily need to stamp and letterboxes did not need to see the caching logs. But if someone claimed a find here and simply stamped the log, it would not bother me on the slightest. That's what makes the cache a hybrid. It can accommodate either game - or both. I don't think there is anything talismanic about either method. There are letterboxes that only have a carved stamp for your personal book. And some people stamp geocaches. My next cache, which will be placed when time, weather, and tides permit, is a LBH that is based upon Viking exploration with a custom made thematic stamp and a twist at the end. It has a single logbook. Since you will have to kayak or canoe (or use a longboat) to get it, I am assuming that there is less potential for the stamp to be confused with a trade item. If you are a geocacher you will be able to log it as a geocache. If you are a letterboxer you will be able to log it as a letterbox. And if you do both, it will be cross-listed.
  2. I have just discovered letterboxing and disagree that it is a geocache with a stamp. The directions to find a cache have taken me to some amazing places and in more of a meandering way. I hope these caches don't go away.
  3. Thank you. I was only trying Wisconsin, but this is just over the river so maybe I can get there some day!
  4. I am working on a 50 state challenge that has the name of each state in the title of the cache. There is nothing I can find in WI that has that. The nearest I've found is SD which is not in the cards. Suggestions?
  5. Dropbox! I should have thought of that! Well, next time. I ended up publishing this using Certitude and already have a few finders. I've never done a puzzle cache before and am happy with how it came out! Thanks for the idea.
  6. Another option would be to create an image or text file with the puzzle coordinates and put it into an archive file. There are several archive tools which will allow one to create password protected zip or rar files. The file could then be put in a file sharing site like Dropbox, which will provide a URL
  7. Emphasis mine. I think the sticking point is that the OP doesn't have that link, the place to host the file. Certitude does seem like a simpler way to do this, if the password is to unlock coordinates. But the OP's idea may make for a tougher difficulty. If one solves for a "password", one might look for the "Certitude" link. Having to find the file and decide that the password is used there, that's a little trickier. I like it. Right. I don't have a link. Let me work with it some more and I may take you up on your offer. A fellow cacher steered me towards a couple locals who used the method I described. Thanks all!
  8. So, I have solved a few mystery caches where after getting the solve, a password is revealed with a link on the cache page that leads to an online document that can only be opened with the password noodled in the puzzle. I am trying to place such a cache and cannot figure out how to make this type of page. I've tried google docs and sheets, adobe (wants 15 bucks to do it), and Create PDF to do this for free. Nothing gives me a link and password together. One or the other, but not both. Suggestions on how to do this? Windows 7 PC and Open Office so an MS word doc is also out of the question although I could probably go to the library to do it. Thanks in advance.
  9. I think there are one or two hints if you scroll down the page. The first one got me there, the second one firmed it up. First hint did the trick! Thanks! I hadn't even looked at the hints. Cool!
  10. I got the email, but did not have time to solve. Went back tonight...it is gone. Went through trash, spam, and inbox folders. Nothing. sent a message. hoping someone will resend!
  11. We joined last year and promptly started the summer Road Trip which was really fun! Thought there might be another one this year, but doesn't seem to be. Is it an every other year occurrence?
  12. I have seen experienced catchers do this. Maddening because a bunch of people go look after that and no one finds them. I flagged one for archive. Another thing I have seen is a cache that no one can find, an interstate team comes through, writes a standard log for all the caches they find on the trip, and no one can find it after them. Guess there is a reason they have such a high log number?
  13. Yup. All of the above. Thought maybe it was my phone so did the new update. No change. App is buggy. Waiting for my membership to run out and will find something new. Pain in the rear.
  14. I like challenge caches. They give a long-term goal of types and places. I hope they come back.
  15. I see you have your answer, but this reminds me of our first cache placement. We thought we needed confirmation first and a number. Submitted and waited. We were leaving town the next day so I took the family to the park while I placed it, just in case. About 5 minutes later, we got the email it was published. I thought it was magic how the reviewer "knew" it was ready A few minutes after that email, came a second one, letting me know someone had already snagged the FTF claim! Whew!
  16. I'm curious about this issue too. I use my iPhone 5c and it works fine. In fact, I like the geocaching app for navigation better than Google maps for general driving navigation. However, the battery is drained after a few hours of caching. Thought a GPSr might be better, but not sure it is worth the money when he phone gets me to GZ just fine.
  17. We didn't find any caches for a day or so. Then found ONE. Another day, we found one more, then we started to "get" the hides. About a week later, we had ten and upgraded to the paid version because we were having fun. Then it was LOTS of finds, did not finds, and great journeys, cache or no cache. Don't give up. Find a friend and keep looking!
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