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Lucien passes 100!


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Congratulations to Lucien, one of the area's earliest geocachers, on passing the 100 find mark yesterday ... I think find #100 was the Shall We Dance cache, where he also saved my skin by finding the "Little Bunny Fu Fu" travel bug that had fallen out of my pocket a couple of days earlier.


If you've never done any of Lucien's caches, many of them are only an hour away in NY (Harriman State Park and Westchester County), and two of the best multicaches I've done are his.


Check out Silver Sun, Blue Moon, or any of his other caches. You'll have a good time!

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Congrats Lucien!!!


I had the pleasure of meeting Lucien along the Appalachian trail on my return visit... a year from my aniversary...to Harley's Hideaway. Lucien was definitely the instigator of the sport in this area, he's been my inspiration. His caches have always been top quality...with first finder ceramic tiles for each cache he places..and with thoughtful stuff...his girlfriend was crocheting hair scrungies for the girls...and other stuff that most anyone could usually find useful...(though I don't think I'd want that can of tomato soup down in Rockefeller Park;-) and always placed in scenic areas that I've appreciated being shown. He does the great multicaches, which *grumble, grumble* one of these days I'll get right. I can't think of a Lucien cache that I haven't thouroughly enjoyed no matter how many times I had to go back to actually find it.


A toast to Lucien! I'm so glad you used to live in my area icon_smile.gif

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Thanks, everyone; I'm really quite honored by all of your kind words. I've had a lot of fun over the years reading all of your logs, finding your caches, and meeting quite a few of you on the trails. Thanks especially to Cache Ninja for placing so many of the first caches I found, as well as being so enthusiastic about the sport.


(I hadn't actually been reading the forums before this, thus the late post- my geocaching family back in the midwest (Pharmteam and TeamVE) actually had come across these posts, and pointed me to them. Thanks again to them as well!)



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I have been to some of your finest caches and would like to thank you right here for those hikes. Keep on cachin on!


Cache you later,



"You can say any foolish thing to a dog, and the dog will

give you a look that says, 'My God, you're right! I never would've thought of that!'" - Dave Barry

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