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  1. Alright its on EBAY http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...em=180025168424
  2. Perfect for a beginner, You won't need a thing with this package. Brand NEW Batteries w/charger, Car adapter, Data cable with USB converter, protective case and waypoint software. I have an extremely MINT condition Etrex Legend for sale with $170 dollars worth of extras. Not a scratch on the unit. You would think it just came out of the box. Thats over $300 worth of stuff and all of it is in MINT Condition. Take a look and think about it. And send me your offer, I am not going to entertain lowball offers. Looking to upgrade to another unit. I have reference here since I have sold my two other units before on this forum. Includes: 1-Garmin Etrex Legend http://www.garmin.com/products/etrexLegend/ 2-Owners manual 3-Quick start Guide(manual) 4-PC interface cable (RS232 serial port connector) this came with the GPS unit. http://shop.garmin.com/accessory.jsp?sku=010%2D10206%2D00 EXTRAS That is included in the sale. 1-Trip and Waypoint manager software CD-Rom (worth $29.99) http://shop.garmin.com/accessory.jsp?sku=010%2D10215%2D04 2-Original Garmin 12v (car) Adapter (worth $39.98) http://shop.garmin.com/accessory.jsp?sku=010%2D10203%2D01 3-USB to RS232 converter cable. (worth $59.99) Like below http://shop.garmin.com/accessory.jsp?sku=010%2D10310%2D00 4-Original Garmin Carrying Case. (worth $14.99) http://shop.garmin.com/accessory.jsp?sku=010%2D10314%2D00 5-BRAND New sealed in the package Powerex 1600Mah 4 pack AA Batteries. 6-Monster Power (Monster Cable) Micro Processor Control Ultra High Capacity Rapid Charger (wall) (I paid $24.99 for this charger with batteries at Circuitcity) Pics More photos here http://i76.photobucket.com/albums/j29/Siribx/1.jpg http://i76.photobucket.com/albums/j29/Siribx/4.jpg http://i76.photobucket.com/albums/j29/Siribx/5.jpg http://i76.photobucket.com/albums/j29/Siribx/6.jpg http://i76.photobucket.com/albums/j29/Siribx/8.jpg http://i76.photobucket.com/albums/j29/Siribx/9.jpg http://i76.photobucket.com/albums/j29/Siribx/10.jpg
  3. SOLD Thank You for all the FB, I am going to pick up a 1GB this sun. Staples will have a sale on Micro SD this Sun 7/16 SanDisk 1GB Micro SD™ memory card $64.98 - $20 instant savings - $10 easy rebate = $34.98. SanDisk® 512MB Micro SD™ memory card $44.98 - $10 instant savings - $10 easy rebate = $24.98. And use this 12% coupon http://www.hotdealsclub.com/text/staples108/staples.pdf Oh just notice it can't be use until 7/23. Well hope that will help someone.
  4. Staples will have a sale on Micro SD this Sun 7/16 SanDisk 1GB Micro SD™ memory card $64.98 - $20 instant savings - $10 easy rebate = $34.98. SanDisk® 512MB Micro SD™ memory card $44.98 - $10 instant savings - $10 easy rebate = $24.98. And use this 12% coupon http://www.hotdealsclub.com/text/staples108/staples.pdf Oh just notice it can't be use until 7/23. Well hope that will help someone.
  5. geognerd Thanx for the heads up. By the way are you Thai? Asking because of the flag.
  6. Hello, all. I haven't been around a while, stopping in for a quick question. I just recieved the Garmin Legend CX as a present. I was wondering if the unit will acept(regonized)memory card higher than 256mb. They have 512mb Micro SD for $25 and a 1gb for $35. I know on Garmins website it says it will take upto 256mb. I did a search and didn't get an answer, so I figure you guys/gals will be faster to answer than Garmin. Thanx Team ECO Cache.
  7. I am looking for info for Thailand, an the Garmin mapsource worldmap is supose to have stuff for Thailand. I looking for maybe a used or a good price for a new one. I just want more point of interest or smaller cities for Thailand to download to my Legend. I really not sure if Mapsource Worldmap have what I am looking for, so I rather not spend the $80 bucks for it. So if someone has a cheap one that they no long use, let me know please.
  8. Hello, I'm looking for places of interest and other smaller towns to downloads into my Legend. Does anyone have any info on Thialland. So I can download into my unit. I was just there and my Legend was almost useless. It only contain Major cities. Any help would be great. Thanx
  9. Hello, all. I am heading to Port Hueneme Cali, in two months for training, can anyone give me some info on places to vist or to stay away from. Any good caches to get? I am from NYC and plan to leave some items from NY. I hope I have the time to get out and about. Thanx Team ECO Cache.
  10. Many have emailed me regarding the price. I am sorry. But the first $100 takes it. Thanx
  11. SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD Hello All. Team ECO Cache has their GPS unit FOR SALE. USED Garmin Venture with Brand New PC cable and Brand New wrist Strap for SALE. We bought a Legend this past weekend. So we will supply you with the Brand New PC cable and wrist strap. The unit is in MINT condition! With up to dated software( Version 2.34). This unit has been use to find a total of 58 cache within the past two years. It was barely used in the second year of ownership. It was used by myself a mature adult. The unit has never been drop or abused. Absolutely NO scratches or dents. The screen has absolutely NO scratches. You will not be disapointed. I am asking SOLD by Paypal or Postal money order. And will include US Postal Priority Shipping with signature delivery with the price.( within the U.S. only please.) I have plenty of PICS so you can email me for them. I don't know how to post them on this forum. I can be contacted at Siribx@iwon.com Thank You all. [This message was edited by Team ECO Cache on July 09, 2003 at 07:47 AM.]
  12. Hey Jtice, links doen't seem to work. Also Rubberhead, I do agree with you on the upgrade. It is definatley worth the extra cash for a better GPS. I got a free $75 amazon.com gift card for test driving a new Mercedes C class. So combine that with getting rid of my Venture will definatley make it worth it. Amazon.com has the Legend for $139.99 after the $50 rebate. Definatley a deal that can not be turned down.
  13. I would like to Thanx all that replied to my post. My mind is set to upgrade from my Venture to the Legend. And going with the Mapsource Topo. Just suck that I have to get all three CDs when all I need is for the east coast, especially for $99. I thought I could have gotten away with just the NGS for one region. But I guess not. The upgrade will be due to my new outdoor activity. My Venture has done a great job for Geocaching. Again Thanx All. T.E.C.
  14. quote:To actually download maps into your GPS, sorry but you have to use Mapsource So why does the NGS has this on there site. quote: State Series FeaturesOur newest seamless topographic map software. Covers an entire state or group of states. Includes all Standard Features listed at the top of this page PLUS: • Already GPS ready - no additional upgrade needed! (GPS compatibility list) • Create routes and upload waypoints to your GPS • Great value for the amount of map coverage • 3D digital shaded relief can be toggled on/off • Right click on the level 5 map to see quad name, date, and contour interval http://maps.nationalgeographic.com/topo/cdroms.cfm#regional Then there is a link that shows all the GPS that is compatible with this program, and the Legend is one of them on the list.
  15. Also was wondering which Topo software was better. The Garmin Mapsource Topo or the National Geographic Topo software? Any feedbacks from users of these programs would be highly appreciated. Thanx
  16. Hello, Can someone out there with a Garmin Legend with the Topo software do me a favor and take some screen shots for me. I am looking to get the Legend and the Topo software. I am wondering how the screen looks with the topo map on there. Thanx
  17. I really like Riverdale NY area. Around Manhattan College. Easy commute by subway. A bit pricey but if you shop around, bet you can get something. Or just over the border into Yonkers(Like around Mt Saint Vincent area on Riverdale Ave) it's awsome. Take the bus down to the subway with the free transfer or the express bus straight down to midtown. Drive around the Riverdale and Yonkers border and see. But remeber to stay off Broadway North of the 260s and North of valentine lane on the Riverdale Ave side. It starts to get a little hairy from there on. Hope that Helps. T.E.C
  18. For the Tri State Area definately will have to be Roti. I like the chicken Roti with a lot of peppers. Not as tastefull outside the Tri State. Roti is a pita with a curry stuffing. It comes in Beef, oxtail and curry goat. All are awsome. And off course Jamaican Patty(same again, come in various stuffing) With Coco bread. DOWN SOUTH Will have to be the best Hott Wings PERIOD! From Calz in VA.(haven't had a chance to try the real deal from upstate Ny yet.) And Pappa Johns pizza. When you just can't get a NY pizza. This in now availible in the NorthEast region. Out of all these I am definately a hott wing freak.
  19. Again Great job Stayfloppy. (sorry for the double post)
  20. Congratulations Floopy! From Team Eco Cache. We ran into him once, nice person, And will definatley run into each other again.
  21. Congrats Lucien, Definatly one of the area's earliest geocachers. Been gone for a while, I come back and all these new members. Welcome all.
  22. Hello, and welcome to the club. Team ECO Cache, we are homebase out of the Bronx(Northern Bronx). Would be glad to help you out. Let me know what you are looking to do and want kind of info you need. I would be glad to help you out. We haven't had a chance to enjoy the sport for the past few weeks. We as a team had plan on making the GPSGOLD Rush this year but I was caught up in a late training session, so we had to skip out on it this year(This would have been nice for a first timer to go out on). I have been really busy with training. We are due to go out soon, it has been way too long. I also haven't had a chance to go replace one of my cache that had been stolen so I might have to do it this weekend. Just contact me maybe we can work something out if I am free this weekend. You can contact me at Siribx@cs.com. Hope I we can help. By the way where are you located in the Bronx? Hope we can help. T.E.C.
  23. Hi, We are from the Bronx, Riverdale area near the border of Yonkers. Nice to see city kids involve in this sport. We have planted 2 caches so check ours out. I am working on a special third cache soon to be planted. Just curious, I hope you don't go out there searching by yourself do you? just make sure you bring someone with you and let an adult know where you are heading. I ran into some weird people myself.
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