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Tossed Between 3 GPS, Help Please


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Ok All,


I know this subject has been really covered, but going to ask for opinions again. Hopefully have some good input. Although any input is good input.


So I went to my local Academy Sports to look at GPS's as I got a $150 gift card for my birthday. All three of these are the same price right now:


1) Etrax 30


3) GPSMAP 78


So here is my question. Any thoughts and/or comments on these three? I would really like to go paperless, which these three all have. As for other requirements, I guess I am not picky because I currently use my Iphone 4S for caching.


Thanks All.



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Our first gps was a GPSMAP 60c, never had any problems with it.

Since a couple of years we have a GPSMAP 62st, but wouldn't buy it again since we have lots of problems with it.


We have one of the earlier ones, had to sent it back twice. But the one we now have still has some problems every now and then, but we gave up on sending it back and having to wait for a lot weeks to get another one back with the same issues. Problems like suddenly turning off and the only way to get it back on is a certain procedure involving holding different keys for several seconds etc.

Another annoying problem is that sometimes all caches disappear (but I've learned from other cachers who have another model that they had the same problem). The caches aren't really gone, you can see them on the gps via a computer, but the only way to get it going again is by deleting all caches from the gps and then put them back. So not something you can do while out geocaching. This last problem seems more likely to happen when you add maps to the gps, but I'm not sure if that is really causing it since there is no pattern in when it happens (or not).

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I have the GPSmap 62sc and have used it for a couple of years. It is now my back up units the wife gave me a Montana 600 for my birthday. I still us the 62s when I'm hunting a multi as it is easier to input the next set of co-ordinates into. During the time Ive used the 62s I've had no problems with it. I'm very satisfied with the unit and would still be using it as my main unit if the wife had not surprised me with the 600.

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Well, I went and purchased the 62s. I love it, but stupid me didn't realize you need to be a premium member to get all the cool features of the geocache. Like descriptions, photos, hints, etc.


So now it is either return the GPS or become a premium member. As I don't geocache alot, it seems a premium membership isn't worth it to me. So it's back to the iPhone.


Thank you all for the wonderful and honest feedback.



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