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  1. So the 'will attend' is useless unless there is a maximum amount of people that can join , where it then would serve as a means to determine who is allowed to come? In other words: if nobody takes the effort on writing a 'will attend '' and I as an event owner would then decide to cancel the event since I don't want to go the event location and risk being on my own, then I, as an event owner, would be wrong to do this?
  2. There was another option which I see nobody mentioned: cancel/archive the event a day before if nobody posted a 'will attend'-log. I've noticed that geocachers seem to be kind of lazy with posting 'will attend'-logs (they could even log: I'm not sure if I will make it but I will try to make it happen) when there is no maximum of people stated. I feel that in the past it was more common to inform an organizer that you intend to attend, but nowadays people don't want to commit, although it isn't even a real commitment with consequences. They expect the event will take place anyway, so they show up or not, decide on the day itself. If there is no need to post a will attend, why would you?
  3. I'm not referring to the profile page, the bug is just the link in the e-mails you get when someone logs a cache. Corrention on this comment: you are right, I didn't notice this difference, I thought it was just a wrong link, but it is even more weird.
  4. In the e-mails I receive with logs on my own caches or those on my watchlist, the link in the name after "Logged by:" is incorrect. Instead of linking to the profile name of the logger it links to my own profile.
  5. Roman Colosseum : we were in Rome in 2008, this was our first geocaching year and I don't remember if there were that many geocaches back then. I do know we weren't premium member back then so the information we had was limited in our gps and we brought some print outs, which of course also limits the amount of caches we were going to do. It wasn't easy to find the cache we've found closest to the Colosseum since it wasn't just a matter of looking at the smilies on the map. The cache we found back then is now archived, so no smily on the map anymore, it is a traditional: SPQR - IL CIRCO MASSIMO. We found it on Sep 2, 2008 and according to the log we found it just a few hours after arriving in Rome and even in the dark it was an easy find. Petra: Yes! We found several caches here on Oct 24, 2016, for this list I'll pick the oldest one, the traditional Petra. Great Pyramid of Giza: we visited the Great Pyramid of Gizo and many other wonderful historic places in Egypt in 2005. But this was B.C. (before caching) for us, so no finds in Egypt. Taj Mahal: on our to do list Great Wall of China: on our to do list Machu Picchu: on our to do list Christ the Redeemer: on our to do list Chichen Itza: not really on our to do list, but we've been to other Maya sites. Maybe if we happen to be close Photos taken at the cache location in Petra:
  6. Ik weet ook niet hoe de volgorde van de favo's wordt bepaald, maar je kunt in ieder geval niet uitgaan van de log(datum). Ikzelf vergeet bijvoorbeeld heel vaak om een favo te geven, aangezien ik bij het log schrijven meer aandacht heb voor het log en het uitzoeken van eventueel erbij te plaatsen foto's. Maar als ik dan (vaak heel veel) later aan de slag ga met mijn foto album van alle activiteiten van dat jaar loop ik weer door de logs en dat is dan vaak het moment dat ik alsnog de favo geef die ik eerder was vergeten. Daar kan dus best een jaar tussen zitten. Er zijn overigens ook nog diverse andere momenten die mij terug brengen naar de logs en dan me realiseer dat ik (nog) geen favo heb gegeven. Als ik bijvoorbeeld in het nieuws of een tijdschrift artikel iets hoor/lees over een bepaalde plaats of natuurgebied, dan herinner ik me ook nog vaak de cache ervaringen en kijk ik nog eens naar de caches die we daar gedaan hebben en merk dan op dat ik bijvoorbeeld nog vergeten ben een foto erbij te plaatsen of een favo te geven.
  7. Onderaan de pagina zie je "contact us" staan (dit brengt je naar https://www.geocaching.com/help/), hier onderaan zie je dat je een bericht kunt sturen naar Groundspeak (het bedrijf van deze website). Als je in je bericht uitlegt wat er is gebeurt, doe er ook een link bij naar het profiel van deze gebruiker, dan zullen ze de logs van dit account gaan verwijderen en het account gaan blokkeren.
  8. Weet je zeker dat de TB verplaatst wordt? Van "took it to"-logs (dus niet de echte verplaatsingen zoals drop en retrieve) krijg je geen meldingen.
  9. I'll be happy to get them on the road as well. Just send me a message if you like them to start their journey in the Netherlands or Belgium. And if you have specific wishes with respect to goals etc., don't hesitate to add this info!
  10. You can hide the souvenirs you don't want to show on your profile at https://www.geocaching.com/my/souvenirs.aspx .
  11. Or maybe they are waiting for it to get archived to be able to publish the cache for the Geotour since Connersville already has a lot of caches. ?
  12. According to this website there will be 30 geocaches in this Geotour, to be published this month.
  13. The log is a bit strange, but so is the situation with this cache. The log belongs to cache Wood's cache published on 12 Feb. But this cache was published before as WOOD's cache on Oct 26. But since the coordinates were way off (about 20 miles) it got archived. But it was found back then and it seems to be exactly the same cache, maybe even the same logbook, the only difference is the coordinates might be right now. So to respond to the post of arisoft: the finder visited the coordinates of this cache, he found it, the log is probably in the logbook, exactly at the spot where he found it a couple of months ago. Should he drive back to sign it again? Normally I would say this is a new cache, a new GC-code, and by the way you have already logged the other GC-code, so why two smileys for one and the same cache? But on the other hand, considering the mess with the first cache ... But from the log it is not clear to me if he logged it again, it could be that he means that he found his log in the logbook, so he logged it twice, but this time it counts as a FTF.
  14. Why would a CO place a cache to make sure you don't understand them? I'm sorry, but this I find hard to believe. Some earthcaches are more difficult than others, just like any other type of cache. And as with any other cache you can decided whether it's worth the effort or not. We enjoy the earthcaches, they make sure you take the time to read the information panel, and make sure you actually think about how and why things have happened. And if you do many earthcaches you learn a lot, especially because certain topics are used often and you start to recognize similarities all over the world. Reading the cache page before the trip can sometimes already lead to discussions, what could it be.. is it like.... And we also enjoy the photos cachers add to their logs, much more cachers take the time to place a photo with an earthcache, with an easy traditional we seldom see a nice photo of the beautiful surroundings. And yes, some earthcaches are more difficult than others. Luckily most of them have a description in English, but still since English isn't our native language there are lots of words that we don't know, or better said since we've done lots of earthcache: didn't know. All these specific geology words are of course not part of a basic language set. But we've discovered many cache owners are very good at explaining the theory with lots of photos and drawings, that make it a lot easier to learn. We almost always do a lot of research before a trip and this includes reading cache pages. We check if we understand the subject and the questions and if not we translate and search for info in our own language. It's like preparing for a difficult multi caches where you have to make sure you have all your tools in place, have read the cache page so you know if you need any special codes etc. And if it is too difficult we just skip the cache, but if the photos show us something special we probably would still visit the spot. With respect to your question: if we would go to a location where there is an earthcache and a traditional at the same spot, our first choice would be the earthcache. Not just to learn about geology, but also because they make sure we take the time to really see the environment. With other caches you can end up being too focused on finding the cache, you totally miss the real special things. And if the questions are too difficult, or too time consuming (doesn't happen often btw), we'll look for the traditional just to mark our visit to the special location. Unless of course the traditional cache is suitable for trackables and I want to move some, or if it is a unique cache, specially made, then both caches will be logged!
  15. I don't understand, only the code on the item IS needed to log a trackable. Maybe you found a trackable that isn't from geocaching.com but from another site like geokrety which you can't log on this site? Or maybe you got a message from one of the trackable owners from the trackables you retrieved in October last year but still haven't moved? They might also use the reference number instead of the tracking number when they contact you.
  16. Not to be negative, but I'm a bit worried: Is this the cache you've found where one of the attributes is "not recommended at night" and where in the description it says "Park hours are Nov-Mar 0800-1700 Apr-Oct 0800-1900." ? I'm not familiar with the area, but if you went somewhere at night where you were not supposed to be I'm not so happy with your video.
  17. Interesting question instead of North America there are seperate maps for the United States and Canada. There is a map for South America, which will appear when you have found caches in any of the countries there. It is strange there isn't a map of North America, but instead of this continent just seperate ones for USA and Canada, excluding many countries.
  18. I agree mostly with CAVinoGal, in addition: Attach a small laminated card (or something similar) with the mission written on it. Personally I wouldn't choose a cache that is visited regularly, because this is probably an easy traditional. Easy traditionals are often found by one time cachers and cachers who have no idea what a trackable even is. A mystery or multi cache might take longer to be found, but at least the cacher who found it has a bit more experience and is more likely to take good care of your trackable.
  19. I don't see any "trackables owned" on your profile. So before dropping your trackable in a cache don't forget to activate it.
  20. The only thing they really worry about is if you try to bring any alcohol on board. Never had any questions on any cruise line (we were on a NCL cruise last month) about our gps.
  21. How was your trip last year? Did any of the given advice help you or did you find another solution?
  22. Airport: if you fly directly from the US there is only one airport in the Netherlands: Schiphol (Amsterdam Airport). If you are travelling around Europe and using budget airlines coming from another country another airport might be more logical. The best way to travel in/to/around Amsterdam is by public transport. Public transport is the easiest if you want to visit main cities in the Netherlands, if you want to go outside the cities and explore it's better to rent a car. Be aware taxi's are a lot more expensive here compared to the US, but also when you rent a car: expect to spend more because of gas prices, parking costs etc. I would have to know how long you'll be in the Netherlands (in both places), where you're staying and what want to do to give you more detailed info on transport. Don't worry about finding someone who speaks English, almost everybody does. But it is highly appreciated if you speak a few words Dutch instead of just starting in English knowing everybody will understand it anyway! With respect to geocaching: there are many many geocaches in the Netherlands. So I would suggest to do some homework on which ones you really want to find, otherwise you'll end up spending lots of time reading caches pages and finding containers instead of enjoying our country. If you'd like any suggestions just give some more info on what type you like (for instance: quick finds near sightseeing spots, or multi's guiding you along sightseeing spots, old geocaches, specific types like virtual/Wherigo, challenging geocaches, geocaches big enough to exchange trackables etc.). And if you like to meet other geocachers of course can post a message here, but you could also see if there are any events now or in the near future near the locations you'll be staying and ask the organizers if they could help you set up a meet a greet event. This way they can help you pick a suitable place and time and of course they can help you with any info on local caches you might need with respect to language issues etc. Don't hesitate to ask if you have any more questions and enjoy the Netherlands!
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