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Customers of Cache Addict & Friends of Mike Atwell

Princess Trouble

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Customers of Cache Addict & Friends of Mike Atwell,


While Mike is recovering the family is doing our best to make certain everything moves along and just a little bit slower probably. If anyone has an error with an order, missing an order or has a tight timeline they can email me direct and we'll research it and to the best to get them taken care of properly.



Larry Atwell <lcatwell@msn.com>



Mike’s Story


On Wednesday, September 18, 2013 Mike was in Phoenix for work and started to not feel well with a rash and fever. He went to the doctor and they were unsure of the problem but prescribed some medicine and suggested he head home. He came home on Thursday and slept. Waking on Friday he knew he wasn't feeling better and later in the day went to his local Doctor who then directed him to the hospital. He was admitted to Sky Ridge Hospital on Friday, September 20th. At that time he was having difficulty breathing, had a rash and fever. His breathing deteriorated on Saturday and Sunday, while waiting for news of diagnosis. Early Monday morning, they felt he needed additional observation so they moved him to ICU. At that time the doctors felt they needed to take a scraping of the inside of his lungs and the fluids building up, so they did a bronchoscopy. Going in he knew that a ventilator might be a possibility due to the already strained lung function. He has been on a ventilator in ICU since then. As of Wednesday, September 25 the doctors still don't have a positive diagnosis but are treating all the symptoms as aggressively as possible. This will be a long and difficult process for him to gain lung function and breathing capacity. He and his family will need prayers and support as they continue to take one day at a time. We will be updating this site as best as we are possibly able on a daily basis. Please leave any message you would like to share in the journal. With this site, there is a support planner for Atwell family. If you wish to offer practical support, this will direct you to the needs of the family.

We have been overwhelmed with gratitude with the massive surge of support that has been offered to all of us. Our thanks and request to keep praying hard.


Keep up to date with Mikes Story at: http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/mikeatwell


Please forward this email on to whom ever might be a customer of Cache Addict / Mike Atwell


Thanks for your understanding




Joe "Friday" McCoskey

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Mike, we always look forward to "The Addict" at the major events we attend. We pray that your recovery continues to improve and our prayers go out to you and your family. Get better, you will be severely missed at GCF this year. If there is anything we can do please contact us. -- JoenSue

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Very sorry to hear about your sickness but we are very encouraged to hear that you are doing better and are on your way to recovering. You are in our thoughts and prayers. We want to extend our support as you make your journey on the road to recovery.


If there is anything at all we can do to help, please let us know.


All the best,


Logan Wealing

Cachebox Geocaching Store

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