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Wrong "last found" date


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The "last found" date which is shown e.g. in the list of owned caches is wrong. It is the found-date of the latest log and not the latest found-date. Usually it's the same. But not if someone logs a found which is some time ago.

I was in the process of typing up that I wasn't seeing this when I realized that I am. This cache was most recently found on August 5, but the most recently-submitted log was the one by gussdog on August 3. On this list and on the list of my owned caches on my public profile, it shows the last find as being "August 3" and "4 days ago" respectively, which are both incorrect.

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Same issue for GC41QJY


Yestarday: "latest Found-it date" on cachelisting was 06/aug == "Date Last Found" on list my owned caches was 06/aug => OK


Today: "latest Found-it date" on cachelisting is 06/aug =/= "Date Last Found" on list my owned caches is now 03/aug ... => NOK (due to a recently-submitted Found-it log of 03/aug)



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I have a similar problem, in that my cache Aquila The Hun(t) has been found several times in August, but is displaying an old July date as the Last Found. This is really unhelpful as it doesn't reflect the accessibility of what it's a quite new but fairly frequently found cache. Makes it look like there's something wrong with it, which will make cache and dashers wary during the 31 days challenge. It's only this one cache too, which it's weird.


Please can you mend it GS powers?

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The last update today/yesterday did not fix this.


The "last found date" is still the date of the log that was last entered,

not the date, when the cache was last found.


This messes up my evaluation of caches to hunt based on the last found date. E.g. today I encountered a cache that indicates last found on Aug 5th 2008, although it should be Jan 1st 2013. The old log says "some forgotten fieldnotes, logging late" <_<

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If we could get accurate data, what do you suppose Groundspeaks customer satisfaction number would be? I'll go lower than 66% Jim. I'm an optimist.


I can't risk logging a find to one of my own bogus find date caches right now (I'm currently on day 16 of a 31 day NO CACHES FOR ME streak) to check if that will correct the date. Could someone log a 06/11/2013 find to The POINT Of No Return for me?


And then delete it of course.


I suspect that should work. I also suspect I might have to fix any of my infrequently found ones, on my own, the same way. Is this part of Groundspeaks plan to make the game more fun and exciting?

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I have same problem for my owned caches, exactly as erik2d2;

The "last found" date which is shown in the list of owned caches is wrong:

It is the found-date of the latest log and not the latest found-date.


Can you help me to fix?

Thanks in advance

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Came here to post this, glad to see it was already done! My own cache was last found August 10, and it showed that up until about a week ago when it suddenly changed to May 26. It still says May 26 as does another cache close by (that has also been found this month). Others in the area seem to be up-to-date, but mine and another close by magically changed to May 26th. Hoping this gets fixed! Also, it shows this on here and on the iPhone app.

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I still have several (I own) wrong 'last found date' caches, but the oldest nearby wrong date cache (I do not own) just got a Find log today. The 'last found date' is now correct. I fear this Bug will be given a very low priority for three reasons. #1. There is no money in it. #2. Groundspeak doesn't even care enough to provide any follow up comment beyond acknowledging the Bug (see reason #1). #3. We can fix it ourselves, over time, one cache at a time. Looks like I will be creating a cache maintenance sock puppet account. Just need to think of a good name. Give me a minute.

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Looks like I am possibly still seeing this problem, not only with caches I own but others I plan on seeking.


For example my L.O.L. cache (http://coord.info/GC3NNGJ)under a search shows it was last found on May 26, 2013 but upon looking at the cache's page it shows that it was last found/logged on Aug. 14, 2013.


I have also seen this same issue for many other caches that display different last found dates under a search and then under the cache's page itself.


**So I just reread the post about the resolution of the issue so this looks like it has been resolved. Guess I need to wait for another found log to be posted to see if the last found date changes.

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I have just discovered this very issue on the NH page.


Click on Newest in NH or PLAY Hide n Seek and then choose New Hampshire.

Then click on Last Found,

now do it again so that all the unfounds are listed.


On the next page at the bottom of the ones that haven't been found, are the caches that haven't been found in a long time.


Look at The King's Locked Gates for example. It says it hasn't been found since 2010, now click onto the cache. It's been found a lot recently.


Most, if not all, of the multis are like this.

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