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  1. I'm having this problem fairly often. I found out that reloading the map (F5) usually loads the correct area.
  2. Why is the date NaN? https://www.geocaching.com/geocache/GC82HZZ_ystavanpaivan-tapaaminen The top of the page has: Event Date: 2019-02-14 Add To Calendar but the short description: NaN Invalid Date NaN, 18:00 - 18:30
  3. In the email notification it says: "You can also reply to this message by replying to this email. Please limit your reply to 40,000 characters and fewer than 5 attachments: jpg, png, and gif only, totaling no more than 20MB."
  4. It's the same thing again! The site won't load a cache page and the forums won't show the avatars!???
  5. Seems to be working SLOWly now. Even this forum is suffering and can't load the avatars.
  6. stebu

    Malware issure

    The background image is at the beginning of the <body> and I do see the "image.ibb.co" link.
  7. I've got the same problem, Win10 and Chrome. It just keeps spinning and at a closer look the pege is repeatedly loading https://www.geocaching.com/api/communication-service/participant/f2160f7a-914a-4206-a03f-fa7235a81aa8/summary and doesn't get any data in the response.
  8. Mary Hyde is robbing the hamsters' seeds! Yes, I've noticed slow or failed pages for past three-four hours.
  9. Just want to chime in and tell that I'm missing the cache type in the "latest activity" frame. The friend league is even more cryptic! Am i supposed to learn by heart the cache names and types by their GC-code? But this might be a temporary MaryHyde thing?
  10. Whichever Finnish geocache you are looking at the coordinates of the Karttapaikka link are x=60.36797&y=25.13615; the coordinates in the link are fixed. They should be converted (DM.mmm --> D.ddddd) from the actual cache's coordinates!
  11. I'm not sure about yuor notation, but: Old N 39.06295, W 104.51132 =N 39 06.295,W 104 51.132 New = 39.104820,W104.851570 =N 39 06.289,W 104 51.094 So if you might be able to do it, if you choose the correct representation for input coordinates.
  12. Sorry, sorry! My bad! It is shown at the solved coordinates! That's great. A mod can remove this thread. https://coord.info/GC4YGGN is shown on map only if zoomed out a lot (about same level as MO cahces), and NO it's not MO. Other caches are visible normally in the neighborhood. Win 10 and Chrome.
  13. Currently, we are showing the most recent 20 logs. If you are finding 12 caches per day then you correctly would only see about 2 days worth when we display 20 logs. However, if we display the last 30 days then you could have 300+ logs. That makes for a much larger request to the servers which results in a slower response and takes longer to load the data. Several people have mentioned wanting to see their recent logs for the last 30 days. Assuming you are looking at only your own logs, can someone help me to understand what you are trying to achieve? How often are you scrolling through all of those logs? What are you trying to find? (i.e. updating logs, remembering recent adventures, checking your work - didn't forget anything?) Do you prefer all of the data in a very long (slowly loaded) list or a shorter list that allows paging or requesting more data as needed? Well, I might want to know which caches I logged in June 2008. The "all your logs" page can achieve that sluggishly, but the paged approach will usually find what I need faster and with less server load.
  14. How can I navigate from my Dashboard to this page? You can't. This link is missing. A link ("Logs") shows a similar page but without the calendar. Hans That doesn't make sense! I think the "experience" is a hype.
  15. Not going to happen. The Message Center was a few fads ago, so it has completely fallen out of the minds of TPTB. They're busy breaking streamlining the cache-logging experience, and then they'll get bored with that within the next week or so and move on to another part of the website to streamline. Maybe a few years from now they'll loop back to the Message Center and replace it with another tool that doesn't work and/or doesn't do what the members need. You might be on to something! They just streamlined the help center and announced streamlining of the Dashboard! I sure hope, they get the bugs and annoyances ironed out of logging experience before it is left on its own!
  16. Another thing that I noticed. After logging a premium only cache I was sent to a "You can't see this listing, since you are not a premium member". Yet another reason to remove this new behavior and open the drafts page after sending a log.
  17. Why are Groundspeak doing this? Ie. moving towards a mobile only interface? 1) They want to reduce the costs of having different UI to support? This might be offset by users quitting premium membership or quitting hiding caches due to not receiving feedback other than TFTC 2) They want to make geocaching as streamlined as e.g. munzee is, where the logging is usually only an automatic "capped it" and nothing more. This would also reduce the amount of clever/nice hides, because of the non-existing positive feedback. 3) Some other reason? If they would tell us, maybe we could offer some acceptable solutions. I bet the community has a lot of know-how about web and mobile app designs and most importantly they are using the systems! Just wondering if it is worth while to list my next cache?
  18. I hope you can fix this bug, also: I logged 4 cahces with a draft, then converted the drafts into "found it" logs, no problem. Later in the day (6h or so later), I logged a cache directly from the field using Locus app. This last log is now shown as the first log of the day! Very confusing :angry:
  19. You seem to be describing a different situation from the referenced duplicate logging directly from the app. You uploaded field notes/drafts to the website and the # of field notes uploaded to the site was correct? You then created found it looks from the uploaded field notes and duplicates were created? If so, that might indicate an issue with the latest website update for field notes/drafts. You're right. I uploaded field notes(drafts) only from the field. When I edited the drafts and then submitted the log, the result was double logs twice. Today I logged 12 caches in similar manner and all went well. But there's two extra logs hidden in the system, the site claims my find count is 2 more than it actually is. When I list my finds (seek/nearest.aspx?ul=stebu) the first two pages only show 19 finds, so the two double logs are still messing up the counts!
  20. I found about 20 caches today (wohoo!) and uploaded fieldnotes for each of them. When I converted them into foundit logs, two of them showed up twice, both the actual cache log and also the personal TB visit log. Not a biggie, I corrected the situation by deleting the extra logs. But some kind of misbehavior in the system!
  21. I had the same problem, until I realized that the indicator was for drafts (aka fieldnotes)
  22. They are the same thing. The word 'Dashboard' got added to the 'My Profile' page. OK, just not so prominent as before. But the yellow dot might be useful, once you figure out that it is not for a new message.
  23. That's all fine, but I never use the Dashboard. Would it be possible to keep the old way, too? Ie. have the notification on my profile page about pending drafts. TIA
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