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On 3/17/2021 at 6:48 PM, drpepper said:

Does a charter member patch exist?  Would like to get one.


I think charter member merchandise should be a thing.   I was surprised that the big anniversary event in Seattle last year didn't have anything going on for charter members.  No meet & greet or swag to give to charter members to entice them to show up and stand out.   Maybe for the 25th Anniversary?

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On 11/4/2022 at 10:43 AM, bigcall said:

The new challenge checker is in place now, so the task is a little harder.


In the spirit of trying to make it easier, I created a series of bookmarks which contain all the Charter Member active caches.  It only goes through caches that were published through mid-October.


This was somewhat of a daunting task and I'm sure it's not perfect.  I will say that I do not intend to update it frequently, or at all as caches become archived, transferred to new owners, or new one published.  Hopefully it will help with finding Charter Member caches since I believe these should be able to be turned into pocket queries?


I only made them shareable for the time being, so if there are comments and/or feedback, let me know before they are published as Public.  I figured this forum topic was a good place to start.

















I know it's a lot to wade through.  I tried to make it as regional as possible, but there was overflow beyond the 1000 cache limit in some cases so I either split it up by year or stuck them in the catch all is "Everything Else" which includes most of the rest of the world as well.


Are there plans to update these lists?   As a charter member who didn't previously have any active caches, I kept getting asked at events if I had any active, so last week I placed one out and would like to get it on this list so people can find it.



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I just got the latest updated CM file from Moun10Bike and have started parsing it again.


Apparently we are down 9 more to 349 in total.  We're also down another 7 to 279 of those who have an active cache.


I'm pulling out the script I used before and will attempt to update the 14 bookmarks that I created and referenced on the 4 Nov 22 post.


We'll see how it goes

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