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  1. GC4D - can you show us the log (screen shot) of it been archived and re-enabled - thanks
  2. thats a shame as would be interested to see if they are the only person in the country they are based in - would be a good stat to quote i think
  3. hi are you able to add - which country they are based ? - its a good stat
  4. you may be pleased to know - https://coord.info/GC13A has been maintained
  5. Jasmer grid by finding caches placed in every month since geocaching began in May 2000 - easy to understand i think its find a cache in every month excluding four months challenge - its a fun cache i am sure, but i will stick to finding the official qualifying Jasmer challenge caches
  6. The Jasmer Challenge. To complete the challenge, you must fill your Jasmer grid by finding caches placed in every month since geocaching began in May 2000 GC81G1T - is not a Jasmer challenge as it excludes months
  7. i dont think GC81G1T is a Jasmer challenge really , it more like find old caches each month challenge - its a bit misleading ?
  8. Just out of interest ? once you complete the Quadruple Jasmer Challenge What next ? - as i said before i am only 6 year 2000 caches away and long as i keep the current finds up to date i suppose the next one would be finding the second APE cache so What next after that ?
  9. well done on the CO for deleting a lot of selfie photos = https://coord.info/GCC1EC
  10. i see the latest log on Penguins is another selfie ?
  11. i have this on my list to do in June https://coord.info/GC375DB and i have this on my list to do https://coord.info/GC5PC21 i am 6 'year 2000' caches from my quad and 3 after my next trip in June
  12. regarding GCC1EC - i see that from 22.4.2022 - all the logs are selfie's - how wrong it that
  13. i can only find 3 in Australia
  14. Attempting to complete the Trifecta is a popular goal of geocachers traveling to the Seattle/Portland area. The three geocaches considered as the Trifecta are the recently re-discovered Project A.P.E. cache container (GC1169), the Original Stash Tribute Plaque (GCGV0P) and the Geocaching Headquarters (GCK25B). I would post on the local geocaching face book pages asking for help - Portland Geocaching and Washington State Geocaching Association are very helpful I did this and manged to meet up and got driven to Hembre Ridge (GCA5) a year 2000 placed cache – which I would not have got on my own
  15. I did the webcam - Spirit of the Skier - it was a 6 hour round trip on very bendy roads last November, it was well worth the trip and these types are getting rare, this one was archived a few days ago in the UK – GCQZCN
  16. this is my reply to a co asking why i had not submitted the answers
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