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Can I transfer data using wireless from my iphone to my GPS?


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I have a fab handheld GPS which is much better for Geocaching than my iphone. The iphone is good because I can search for geocaches where ever I am. I would like to be able to send my searches from my iphone to my GPS uusing wireless. Is this possible? If yes how do I do this?

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I have the geocaching mobile app on my iphone. It's great for finding caches where ever I am located. Obviously I prefer to use my handheld GPS for geocaching. Can I transfer searches from my iphone to my GPS using wireless? It would be good if I could.

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That cord will help but it isn't that simple. iOS controls what you can bring onboard no matter what is hooked up. Someone posted a long procedure where you change the suffix to jpg move it to the DCIM folder on the iOS then re do the suffix to make it GPX. All in all it is a very difficult process to get it on an ipad. However with an Android phone you get that cord, hook it up and transfer the files. The only hitch is that with the Montana the current draw is to high and the android will turn off the juice to the device so that doesn't work unless you also hook it up to an external power supply. I have seen posts that say it worked for the Oregon series.

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But MY question is why does this question keep coming up? To me it only makes sense in a couple of possible contexts:


1) The iThing is your ONLY computing device, or

2) You're hoping to be able to transfer pocket queries "in the field," away from your computer.


Now, I know SOME folks fit both criteria (hi, Walt!), but for just about everyone else it's just so much easier to use a computer that has a USB port... Is the world really moving all to tablets so quickly? Or people spend so much time in the field they never head home to reload?



Edit to add: I am partway to criterion 1 myself. Using primarily an Pad now, haven't carried or even powered up my laptop or phone for some time. But I can copy data to/from my Garmin eTrex 20 over my home network. The GPS is plugged in to the USB port on my router, and I use FileBrowser from Stratospherix to copy the files.

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If Garmins can transfer a cache between Garmins, why not Garmins to/from iPhones? One cache coordinates not a PQ.
Because there is no ant+ protocol stack for that purpose offered with any of the dongles that give ant+ capability to iPhones. In other words, they don't speak the right language.


I was surprised Garmin's own iPhone ant+ dongle (Garmin Fit) doesn't support this. It doesn't even support Chirp. As the name implies, it just works with various "fitness" products -- footpads, HRMs, etc. - to feed data to Garmin's own smartphone apps.


Disclaimer - that's just what I've infered from published product info. I don't own ore use any of those ant+ devices -- but would be happy to hear first hand information from someone who actually has a Garmin Fit, Wahoo Fisica, or other ant+ device setup on their iPhone.

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Oh yes user13371 my eternal quest continures. I am not sure I will ever get to that point but a quest is sometimes about the journey i.e. Monty Python and the Holy Grail or The Hithchikers Guide to the Galaxy. I thought I had it (and may still yet) with my Galaxy which allows me to hook up my gps to it and move files. Problem is it is to powerful and the Galaxy disonnects saying to hook an external power source. Going to try that today.


So far I can achieve half my goal by removing the micro sdcard and attaching it to the phone to move the GPX file from the phone to it. If only there was a setting that would save the geo_visits to the card and not the device I may achieve my goal. If not it gives me something to work on while watching sports.


If not I can just store my laptop in the RV and use as needed. I have found since I got the iPad except for Geocaching I sometimes don't open if for days if not weeks.

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Walt, that power issue might be something Garmin could fix by firmware -- might be a good idea to hit Garmin up with a suggestion. They could add a menu option to Enable/Disable drawing power from USB when connected for data transfer. I'm pretty sure my DeLorme PN-40 had something like that.


For that matter, maybe the Garmin already DOES have that option, and it's just buried in some obscure menu hierarchy.


I haven't read up on USB OTG -- how much power can your phone provide to a connected device? And how much does the Montana draw?

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Didn't know that software existed. Google didn't show anything either. I like the dual input but shipping from Hong Kong will not arrive until after we leave for winter vacation. Managed to find it under USB Y-Cable and Walmart shipped to home. Should be here in a few days.


I am thinking I will hook one up to a wall USB power supply, then hook up the Montana and after it goes to mass storage mode hook up to the phone OTG.

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You probably didn't feed the right magic word to Google. Try USB Current Draw ...


I don't think you'll get the real time current draw without special equipment. But the Device Manager page for each USB connection should show how much current the device requests. correctly designed USB peripheral is supposed to signal to host a maximum amount that it will draw, that's the number you should be able to see in the Device Manager.

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Thanks to the great god of interfaces User13371 I was able to complete the task.


Got USB Y-Cable from Walmart.com. Plugged Red connector into wall usb supply (tried black first and failed with to much amperage message) and then into the Garmin which started and I selected Mass Storage.


Plugged it into the Galaxy S3 using the OTG cable (my guess is any android phone will work) which went to USB mode and opened the file explorer.


Moved a file from the phone to the Garmin successfully. On phone went to website and then to Field Notes. Uploaded geocache_visits to website.


That is not to say that I will do this all the time but at least I know it is available if needed. The screen size is a little small obviously. Buit now know I can load/upload to the GPS from my phone. If I didn't love my iPad so much I would dump it for a Nexus; their closed interface can cause issues. Who knows maybe a cheap nexus tablet to handlle this would work.

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Thanks for all of your replies everyone.


I prefer to use my Garmin and just wanted to use the iphone for downloading caches when i'm travelling. But the iphone has such a short battery life and it isn't waterproof.


So I've bought a waterproof case and extra battery - problem solved.

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