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  1. I installed a Kenwood DNX570HD car radio that has a built-in Nuvi. I installed Garmin Smartphone Link on my Android phone and I can send one coordinate or street address at a time to the "Nuvi". Any Android app that asks if you want navigation directions pops up a list of the nav apps on my phone, including Smartphone Link. For a test, I found a cache with a geocaching app and sent the parking coordinates to the "Nuvi". It worked great. This way I can search on my phone and not the Nuvi. https://buy.garmin.c...prod111441.html
  2. That is correct. I keep it with me in case I need to do a quick pq and download it to the Montana using my Galaxy S3 and now 4. Although I recently bought a netbook at Office Depot for about $250 that I take with me just to handle GSAK and loading caches. Nice and small and light. Is there a way to tell the GPS to not use the USB 5v power from the phone? I use OTG for camera pic transfers. The gallery opens with the camera as an album when I plug in the camera and I don't think the camera takes phone power.
  3. They have a nice little animated sequence which shows what direction to rotate it, and around what axis. It still doesn't work. I can see where that would calibrate the x and y sensors, the the z vertical sensor doesn't move. The only Garmin I got a hit on Google was this:
  4. I suspect rotating doesn't totally calibrate a three axis compass. Maybe they added a way to calibrate the third sensor that people are missing.
  5. I used my Galaxy Note to navigate across Nevada and the GPS worked fine. The problem for me was downloading Google maps.as I moved. If I started with cell coverage and lost coverage it remembered a lot of my route maps. If I started with no cell bars I couldn't even load the route.
  6. My old Samsung Captivate GPS was useless, too. My Galaxy Note is amazing. Its fun to see 17 sats sometimes(GPS plus GLONASS).
  7. On my 60csx 2-axis compass I spin once so the two east and west sensors get calibrated. How do you calibrate the up-down axis of a three axis compass, like the eTrex 30? And why do you think you spin three times and I do once?
  8. Adafruit, my favorite site, switched from PL2303 to FTDI. Probably for the same reasons as the HAM article. http://www.adafruit.com/products/18 The FTDI version works fine on my old bar code scanner.
  9. How do you triangulate with 3 GPSs? The PGA uses two lasers to triangulate where the golf ball is in the green. They give the distance to the hole in inches. Two GPSs measure the relation to each other using differential gps transceivers(see DGPS).
  10. Why do you say that? Others have reported that having twice as many satellites to see gives a more accurate fix when you only have a restricted view of the sky - such as when you are in a deep valley or between tall buildings. And there is also a suggestion that GLONASS gives better coverage in Northern latitudes as it is designed to give a better coverage in Russia! Chris My take is that the more satellites you can chose from, the better the GDOP will be(even in wide open spaces). Dilution of precision
  11. [quote name=Team-H ' timestamp='1366058468' post='5236415] 'Quick Start Manual' was posted to the product page today. Hopefully a sign of imminent release... http://support.garmi...e=en&country=US I noticed the "Downloading Geocaches" section only shows the open caching site. Is that a problem or is that how Garmin does their paperless GPS manuals these days? I am enjoying the excitement shown in this thread. Have fun.
  12. On Android, you need a provider app that has the Bluetooth Serial Profile(note: there is no "port" in the name) as input and Location Provider as output. I use http://play.google.c...e.mobilej.btgps
  13. The algorithm for the Dakota, Venture HC, Blue Legend knew how to do this. The Magellan GC figured it out on it's last firmware release as the did the Triton in later firmware releases. One of the early complaints about the Etrex 20 (and Magellan GC) I read was the unit wasn't responding when people walk slow, maybe they over-tweaked it as it will register a movement really easily. Thanks for pointing that out. I had forgotten. You call it over tweaked and the guy, who gave the "wasn't responding when people walk slow" symptom the derogatory name of "sticky", is probably happy. I was looking at what GPS info is given in the serial port sentences for post processing and noticed some GPSs give Doppler generated speed. Maybe the Dakota etc. can know if you not moving by Doppler shift changes.
  14. You need to ask yourself, "How does the GPS know I am standing still?".
  15. Too late, but my 2 cents anyway: http://www.adafruit.com/products/18
  16. The search for a GPS with 1m accuracy is futile in my opinion. The problem is the signals pass the ionosphere, which is a mass of charged ions that constantly shift. The ions slow down the radio waves in varying amounts. Say a packet is sent out from a satellite and arrives at the two GPSs.The fixed GPS with a known position knows the error caused by the ionosphere and the error can be corrected for the the GPS with unknown position. They can compare because each packet has unique stamp and they fix like stamps.
  17. My Meridian Gold is on the bottom of the Tualatin River. If you are expecting the arrow to point the same as a the Meridian you may be missing the point, so to speak. When I went from the Meridian to the 60csx I had the same problem as you and I then had an epiphany and figured out I was looking at it all wrong. I had marked my car and I could see it a few hundred yards away. While standing outside my work building, I turned on the GPS and did a "goto" my car waypoint. The arrow acted funny to me. I'm thinking why did the arrow move? I then grabbed the both ends of 60csx(my eye could get closer to the arrow looking across the GPS) and held it up to my eye and sighted down the arrow. it pointed right at my car!! I went from being bummed that I had lost my Marigold to very happy I did lose it. BTW Try that with your Meridian.
  18. Interesting. When I was searching the FCC page someone posted above, I noticed the manuals were always included in the approval data. I wonder if the missing manuals are holding up FCC approval. Who knows??
  19. Your position that the GPS reports can be 30 feet off depending on conditions. If you are close to the cache that fuzzy position can be N,E,W or S of the cache, then. Distances of 30 ft or less are meaningless.
  20. I'm curious why the FCC delay. Is this their first Bluetooth GPS?
  21. Sounds like you sent the gpx with wpts not tracks.
  22. Interesting. It looks like they provide data that can be converted to the RINEX file format that post processing uses. RIMS2RINEX
  23. Just curious, do they have WAAS ground stations in the UK? My little knowledge of post processing came when I found out you could do it with cheap GPS's that output raw pseudo range data, like Sirf based units.
  24. Google GPS post processing. There is software that compares data for two GPS receivers with one at a known position. Here in the states the government has data for fixed stations you can use as one of the two devices.
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