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  1. Once you are used to the use of cellphone app's it's hard to go back to a dedicated gps, the dedicated gps'es are better for the obvious reasons. If your 60 is running ok now I wouldn't bother about differences, because the real spot might be between the 2 units. Many modern models do not excel in accuracy, so before you buy something new be sure what you buy.
  2. As geodarts explained the plastic strip will keep a switch down and you will be able to charge the rechargeables IN THE BODY of the Gps. Be aware this is a trick and as far as I know there is NO automatic switch off of the charging cycle. Don't keep the charger longer then about 4 hours connected, then see if that's sufficient. In the beginning feel your unit now and then, if it gets to warm (hot) the charge current is to high.
  3. Set the screen to 60% or so, but forget about the 16 hours, the max will be around 11 12 when using screenlight.
  4. " audible turn by turn directions" if you mean voice yes, else the other units will beep.
  5. Goto gpscity.com and look at the video's of the different models. What you're asking about all models can do.
  6. Pity. I really hoped this time for something really new, advanced and good working. This looks like a reinvention of a 4 years old unit.
  7. AFAIK it is not compatible and long time no see. Have a look here https://www.google.com/search?hl=en&source=hp&biw=&bih=&q=garmin+loc+file&btnG=Google+Search&gbv=2
  8. You almost NEVER read about a died Garmin, I don't geocache but do everything else with a Garmin and once it works it keeps doing so. Etrex 20 is a good choice indeed, or maybe an Oregon 600 Look around for a local geocache club, so maybe you can try one, else try to rent one, to be sure you like it. A 'dedicated' Gps is VERY different from a cellphone.
  9. I'll most likely look into add-on maps later this week, thanks for the info. With add-on road maps and TOPO maps, will they overlay? Or can I only have one showing at a time? It's important that you know and understand how this Gps is working, you need to invest time on reading and look at the video's, if not it won't work as you expect. You can set the different maps on and/or off, the best is to make profiles on the Gps with the different maps active for that profile. Routable maps should be active alone, never more then 1 active. BTW having more than 1 map active is normal unless there is a mapfile that came with that map, most of the time multiple (topo) maps active doesn't look so good.
  10. Maybe have a look at this site for video's. Montana and Oregon 600 have about the same functions. http://www.gpscity.com/garmin-montana-600.html#videos
  11. Try other usb cable, or / and other usb outlet. Does your data transfer work?
  12. The sites mentioned are for NORMAL map, no basemaps, the basemap is basically needed when zoomed out, the unit will switch from 'normal' to the basemap, to have a faster zoom in out, some units don't work well without a basemap. Basemaps used to be on perry's website, but I can't find it anymore. If you are in need of a basemap I can upload one. +- 50Mb. You need to send me a personal email with your email address. then I send you a link from the upload.
  13. There are not refurbished SD cards, it might be an (old?) Garmin sd card with a CN Europe on it. For Europe you might be better of with an OSM = Open Street Map, more data, more accurate and FREE. Before leaving test your map (search address and test a route in the countries you are going to, in the Gps. The gps might see a map, but that doesn't mean the map is actually there or complete.
  14. WITH Glosnass on the accuracy is better, but overall the accuracy isn't better the for example a Montana.
  15. "So is the 600 significantly better than the 450?" No, it's just different. Maybe this means an update for the 6XX will be on the market soon. But if somebody needs a Gps now this IS a very good price.
  16. FW's and IS's should just work, also with OSM. But it's down the I65 till Nashville, I24 to X I75, I75 till Atlanta.
  17. If you route over secondary roads it might get to complex to calculate. Plan your route not longer then 600 miles or so. Also be SURE to have only one routable map active. OSM is made by the public, therefore the map might be much more complex then the Garmin map like in certain parts of Europe, OR there might be roads missing and in that case the route is not possible. However using normal Free- and Hw's it should just work fine. Try to make a couple routes over a shorter distance, to the final destination.
  18. There is no reason to use old US topo maps. You can download them free from http://www.gpsfiledepot.com/ BTW, mapsource isn't used anymore, it is swapped with Basecamp.
  19. The SD doesn't make any difference on speed of the gps. Even worse if the SD is to fast it might not even work on the gps, so buy a 'normal' sd card. If the Dakota is really slow you might have some corrupted gpx file(s).
  20. An Etrex is your cheapest option, but remember if you are afraid (paranoid) to get robbed, you probability will be robbed sooner or later. If you are on really dangerous places it's unwise to go geocaching, question is, is it really dangerous or just your perception.
  21. Often it's a form of expectation and perception. Try to rent a gps to know for sure. Is your phone always off? Or just now and then, if so this can happen with a Gps also. The Gps calculates the location with the available data it got, if the weather is bad, a magnetic storm or for example (urban) canyons, it gets some data, but all 'wrong' then it will send you to the wrong direction. Often your app has a fiefd EPE, where an indication is given from the ESTIMATED position error. Bottom line, you NEVER will be send to the exact cache spot because you have an error radius, as well as the cache owner.
  22. I expected an update about 1 year ago. Due to Monterra/ Oregon 6XX issues to solve, they lost a lot of time I think. Maybe Garmin got wise and FIRST does some testing with a new outdoor model, that saves them a 3 or 4 times unit switch of the first series. If they mess up the next time they launch an outdoor model they might as well stop making them, because big part is taken by cellphones only the Garmin outdoor lover is still buying them, but that love fades away. I really doubt that many insiders will buy the new model 'blind' like we preordered before, without knowing what issues the new model has. My Montana (sold 6 months ago) still had issues, my Oregon 600 is ok, but has issues, I mean I lost the confidence in the product, they switch a new faulty unit as many times as needed, but that's no guarantee for a good working product in the end we know by now. Only if I know for sure the new model works as it should, without all kind or idiot issues, I will buy one and I'm not alone I suppose. Ability to make video? Only if it's good quality, picture quality on the current Montana is not that good.
  23. Do you have ANYTHING radiating nearby, like tv/radio tower, radar, powerlines, very very heavy clouds.
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