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Unable to Login an geocacing.com


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I couldn't log in to geocaching.com for about 15 minutes. System answered login & password don't match. Though I am sure I've used the correct pw, I sent a request to reset password; changed my pw and I could login. Now it isn't working again!! Strange. Two friends of mine have the same problem.





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I had the same problem just a few minutes ago. I tried the renew password mail as well, but it didn't work out. It just said that an error occured while changing the password. Now that I logged in to the forum I can log in at the page and in my app as well - with my old pw. Just a little "hiccup" in the system?

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Same problem over here.

Worked fine until almost an hour ago.

Then I suddenly wasn't able to log in anymore.

Even a password reset didn't work an caused an "error".

So right now I'm not able to log in.

Just noticed on the dutch national forum geocaching.nl that there's another person who isn't able to login since yesterday...

We'll just have to wait and see?

Greetz Bloodwoosj.

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same question here, worst, because I asked for a new pass and now the system does not allow me to enter a new one


I agree that was the weird part of the issue. I couldn't log on because my username and password didn't match. I was directed to choose another password, but the system wouldn't allow that either.

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