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Garmin Oregon Trick / Tip - Startup Message


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If this is common knowledge I appologize BUT I just figure out a neat trick that I though I would share.

Garmin Oregon 450 (May apply to other newer Garmin Units)


1. Plug in computer

2. Navigate to the drive that the computer assigns for the Garmin

3. Navigate to the folder "Garmin"

4. Look for the file "startup.txt"


You can then proceed to edit this little txt file to display whatever you want on startup and assign the time that is displays. I set mine to put my name and phone number and email in case I ever lose the GPS.


If you do dot have this file it should be pretty easy to create using Notepad or other similar program.


Here is the text in the file (copy everything except the "'s:


"<!-- Edit this file to display a message while your unit is powering on -->

<!-- Allow one full power cycle after editing for your message to be updated -->


<!-- Set the display number to the minimum number of seconds your message is displayed -->

<display =0>


<!-- Type your message on the next line -->"

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Hey, thanks a bunch for the tip......I've been reading this forum for years and must have missed it. I just did my 450 and 62S and set them to 5 sec.

Reminded me of the old DOS days, copy con autoexec.bat , etc, etc. In the early years before dos management programs were out a little dos knowledge could make a computer a lot easier to use.

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Thanx for the info, great idea! Any other tricks I should know?

If you're handy with photo software, you can edit the stock images that display for various profiles. I've only done one (the grassy image for the Geocaching profile), placing my name and phone number faintly along the left edge of the screen in a thin line where it remains in view.

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