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What do you take with you on a cache hunt?

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Hey people. It seems that everytime I go out looking for a cache, I think of something else I would like to have with me. Shy of loading up a backpack with all my worldly posessions, I starting a mental list of those things I would need most and wondered what everyone else takes with them. I realize that this might be an old topic, but since the things you carry might have changed, I thought it might be a good question to ask...



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Depends on how far from town, and how far from the road the cache is. But I usually have a medium size Swiss Army knife, water, snacks, and a small first aid kit. I should have sunscreen too but I often forget this time of year.


Also I keep the "Ten Essentials" in my car, minus the map.


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Toilet paper...cause the bears don't like to share...just kidding, i always take batteries and pens.


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After today, I am going to carry a GPS case that has a belt-loop.


Good news: I still have the GPS

Bad news: I don't have my case and spare rechargeable batteries.



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For the TRIOGEO family (wife, 3 yr old, and me) we take:


Blackhawk Industries Cyclone (100 oz H2O x 2)2400ci of storage (with side packs)

Magellan meridian Gold

Case for Gps (on shoulder strap)

Cell phone

Whistle (on shoulder strap)

First aid kit

Leatherman tool (on shoulder strap)

Spare socks (for everyone)

spare Shorts (for everyone)

Spare t shirt (for everyone)



Toilet paper



Signal mirror


Ziplock bags


Cahce pages


Emergency blanket (large size - for shelter also)

Flashlight (X2 - Surefire 8ax and 2D flood)

Chemlight sticks (keeps child amused at dusk)

Cache items (for trade)

Zip ties

50' of climbing rope


Large plastic trash bags (for trash and panchos)

Digital Camera

Small binoculars

Frs radios

Spare batteries


Snacks & light food (have lunch/dinner while out)

Glock entrenching tool (camp shovel)

Glock model 27 .40 S&W (in M16 magazine pouch)


Seems like much, but packs all together in a nice little package that we can take anywhere. Living in South Florida, we see sudden and violent weather changes, and having my family with me on all of our caches, I like being prepared!


Besides, I have the light pack, the wife carries the child when needed! LOL


You can see the Cyclone at:




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