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Consecutive days cached

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I’m wondering…..


Are there any cachers out there that are as hooked and possibly obsessive as I am?


At the time of this post I have cached 158 consecutive days with a find. :ph34r:


I currently have plans to keep going until early April.


What about other cachers?


Here is your chance to show off your obsession!


On a very personal note, bless my wife for she puts up with this obsession of mine!


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:unsure: our longest streak is only 2 days :unsure:

Unfortunately we did a lot in the immediate area before we knew to save those. Now I doubt we'd be able to obtain a 30 day streak for quite some time since we're not retired & we have to drive a lil distance to get 1/day


We just attended an event last weekend where "drives" was given an award for his accomplishment. Longest Streak 2000 consecutive days with finds from 08/26/2006 to 02/15/2012

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I wanted to complete the 100 consecutive day challenge and I made it to 121. By that point I was caching because I had to and it had lost a lot of the enjoyment factor for me. There are people with several years of consecutive days caching so it takes something like 1500 consecutive days to get into their league.

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Today is day 53 for me. It started when I was aiming at 30 consecutive days (for a challenge), but once that was completed I decided to go for all of February, too. I think my goal now is to get to 100 days (another challenge), and perhaps just see how far I can/want to go after that. I know it'll definitely end around 130 days or so (if not sooner), because I'll be studying abroad this summer and it'd be impossible for me to continue the streak for long whilst doing so.

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Last year I did 101 days in a row to qualify for part of a challenge cache. By the end of the streak I was happy to see it die as going out to find a cache started to become a chore.


I have a buddy that started his Geocaching career by scoring at least one find every day for 461 days, and I'm 99.99% sure that he didn't fudge any of his numbers. He was pretty much a puritan right from the start.


Doesn't SS hold the "record" for longest find streak?


Edit to add: Oops...I forgot about kablooey's streak.

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My streak is 127 +/- (don't remember for sure but close enough) and did it just to complete the 100 day challange. Like some other cachers, by the time I hit 127, I was just plugging along to keep the streak going. It was kind of refreshing when the streak ended.


Right now I am filling days on the calendar and have a streak going since Dec 31, 2011. The daily grind is starting to get tiresome too, but will try to condinue to get all days filled with at least one cache until May 2,2012. May 2, 2011 is when the 127 day streak started.

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561 days and counting.


Last Sunday was the 503rd day of my find streak. I skipped Monday and yesterday I got HELP ! :rolleyes:


And there I was, thinking that "challenge cache based on one or more non-accomplishments, such as DNFs, will likely not be published." :rolleyes:


I tried to extend the concept (since this one was published), but FOURTEEN reviewers said 'NO WAY'.

Apparently it's a matter of degree. <_<

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