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STARTED (33188) - [FEATURE] ability to configure the new 'recently viewed caches' on/off

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The new site update that added a 'recently viewed caches' list on our home pages is (to me) very visually jarring and seems to have little value. I'd like the ability to turn that feature off and save it in my profile please.


I like the feature, and will probably make use of it, but I would prefer it to be a tab option that I can view when I want to.

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From my point of view this feature is not bad at all but it is not as flexible as I needs it.


What about 'bookmarking' up 5 (or 10) caches.

On the cachedescription add a button `remember this cache`.

The last 5 caches where i have clicked this button will be shown on my profile page like the recently viewed ones now.

So i can plan my tour in the morning, marking the ones I wanted to search and in the evening, when i'm back at home it will be easy for me to find the caches I wanted to logged as found.

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And while you're at it, please give me the ability to turn off the "Your Logs (Last 30 Days)" section, or at least reduce it to 1-2 days with a "view all within 30 days" link.


If we're able to select how many days worth of recent logs we can see I'd like to be able to select a longer period. Over the past couple of years I've averaged about 5 finds a month so quite often the "Your Logs (Last 30 Days)" section will only show a few caches and several times none at all. If I could see that last 60, or even 90 days I'd get a page that wasn't mostly white space.

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