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Torch for late afternoon/night caching


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I'm currently using a fenix HP11 as my "main" hill light, with a petzl tikka xp as a backup. HP11 is bonkers bright (only headlamp I've needed to dip for oncoming cars) and has survived plenty of abuse so far, only downside is that it doesn't attempt to do anything clever with the power supply so goes from "fine" to "dead" within minutes when the batteries go flat. Tikka otoh starts with all the enthusiasm of an elderly glow-worm and continues the same way on a nearly dead battery . . . however, one thing it does work well for (apart from changing batteries on the "main" light) is to switch into red mode and use as a tail light when moving along a road.

Have had two petzl myo xp's, and killed both. I think the connection where the cable goes into the lamp unit needs a re-think.

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If on a very tight budget, or just want a good backup torch, I recently bought three torches from China at only 99p each, shipping included, from a well known auction site. They are advertised as 1 LED 3W, and they are not bad at all for the price.


However, the 3W they are advertised is dubious. My son has got a good single LED 3W torch to compare against, they are not up to the same brightness. I didn't think they would be as they only run on one 1.5v battery, whilst his runs on three. They also have a smaller lens. But, they are much much brighter than any single or multi LED torches I have purchased from pound shops.


Took one out tonight for a couple of hours to look for a few caches. It did me well, and looked to be a lot more waterproof than my coat was.

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If you want a P7 then here, but if you want a 'proper' torch then get one of these.


I used to think my P7 was a good torch until I got one of these, well worth the money :)


The fenix looks good, but I'm not keen on the idea of having to use specialist batteries when the Lenser uses standard AA batteries.

The 18650 batteries are pretty standard, basically they stick a few of them together to make most laptop battery packs. Being Li-Ion they last for ages and a quick to recharge :)


Every time I use the torch (like this evening) I smile to myself as it's that good!


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I was out doing a night cache on Saturday in the same area where there was a night orienteering event going on... those guys have some serious head torches - like this one for example (just over 1,000 lumens and a penetration of 140mtrs)


I'd be afraid to use that in the woods in case the beam burnt the trees down!


Talking of burning, how about this one with 4100 lumens. The video shows it setting light to plastic within 5 seconds

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