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  1. There's plenty of cycleable caches at Stanick Lakes. Also, most of the paths at Salcey forest should be good for bikes too.
  2. Can you not leave the site at all over the 5 days?
  3. A lot of good caches in Norhants. These are close to each other and good fun in Northampton. http://coord.info/GC15GRM http://coord.info/GC2RE1T Or there are these tunnel caches on the Brampton Valley Way near Market Harborough: http://coord.info/GC2WEW0 http://coord.info/GC1KKEH There are other good ones on the BVW too.
  4. Really Philip? You couldn't, y'know, just give his cache a miss? You'd much prefer that someone, who you don't know, gives up a hobby because the way they play it doesn't meet with the way you want to play it? I've seen caches that I didn't want to go and find before. Do you know how I overcame this 'massive' problem? - I decided to ignore it and went and found a cache that I did want to find.
  5. I'd be afraid to use that in the woods in case the beam burnt the trees down!
  6. The fenix looks good, but I'm not keen on the idea of having to use specialist batteries when the Lenser uses standard AA batteries.
  7. Yes Splendidz, I was going to recommend INFERNO on here soon. A most excellent cache indeed!
  8. Any other suggestions? I like to see other people's recommendations.
  9. Anyone know of any good deals at the moment? I must have dropped my Lenser P7 whilst out caching
  10. Indeed... and apparently has created that account just to log that "Needs Archived" (No finds at all). Weird.
  11. I also expected the Geolympix to be every 4 years.
  12. There is also the Norbital cycle route around Northampton - Lots of caches on a cycle path.
  13. I used to log on to it occasionally. That all seems a bit sudden - What actually happened?
  14. Would using a British Telephone box as a stage in a multi still be OK as long as there is no physical container? I was thinking of using UV ink in one of them as a pointer to another stage.
  15. Just bumping for those that may have missed this. Very useful.
  16. My best cache that I enjoyed setting has unfortunately been archived buy my current most favourited one which seems popular is my Elf N Safety cache
  17. Does the EMCache forum not already cover some of this?
  18. Langy... It hasn't since filled with water, it was deliberately placed at the bottom of the water in the quarry as a high difficulty cache!
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