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I Phone grabs of a TB


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Is there a way to log the GRAB of a TB with the I Phone. I can log a DROP but don't see a way to log a GRAB. I noted the grab in my message with the I Phone but that did not show up on my computer so I had to log it from the computer. This resulted in 3 entries, a find, a drop, and a grab for this one event.

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Correct log for taking a TB from a cache is Retrieve.


Grab is used if you are handed the TB by a cacher, or find it in a cache that the TB is not listed in -But in that case it's always best (and polite) to give the cacher holding it time to Drop it.


Thanks for the explanation on grab.


Are you saying if I had used the word Retrieve or Retrieved in my Field Log from the I Phone that Geocaching would have picked that up and noted it in my history or do I still have to make a separate entry from my computer when I get home?

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You can't do it from the cache page, you have to visit the Trackable page. Retrieve from a cache, grab from somewhere(different cache than it's listed in)/someone else, discover if you saw it in person, but are not moving it. Virtual discoveries are not allowed, but a discover, when you saw it lets the owner know it is alive and well.

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The logging of the retrieving of a trackable is a separate step than the logging of the cache.


Not sure about your app, but on the web page, you need to do Play -> Find Trackables and then type in the number of the trackable item and hit Enter.

This brings up the trackable page.

Then you need to write a log using the 'Found It Log It' link, and select the action of 'Retrieved from ....'

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Is it the same process using the Geosphere App? Or would it just be easier to wait until I get home and log it from the computer?


I actually use both the Groundspeak app and the geosphere app...


With the Groundspeak app, you can log the caches live, and drop off your bugs when you do so. You can also go to the trackable tab on the bottom right, and grab/retrieve them into your inventory.


Geosphere does not submit live logs in real time, you only make "Field Notes" that you then upload to geocaching, and then later, when you are back at you computer, can take the time to submit your logs one at a time, adjusting and tweaking your logs as you go on the PC... When it comes to travel bugs, geosphere does not log them for you... what I do is type myself a note in the field note as to which bug i picked up or dropped of at each cache, and then as I log each one, I take the time to log the travel bugs IN/OUT of the cache... putting a TB in a cache this way is done when you submit the log for the cache, and the "retrieve" from a cache is done by going to the TB's page and making the log there.


I also like to cut-n-paste the actual name of the travel bug from the site into my logs for that cache so a double record is kept,a nd anyone trying to track down the status of a certain bug has it that much easier... I will also make a note in the log if there are bugs that are supposed to be there, but were not found upon my visit.... and then I make a similar note on the bug's page letting the bug owner know know the same, suggesting to both parties that they mark the bug as missing, so it no longer shows up in that cache's inventory.


Sorry for the long explanation, hope it helps.

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