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I read this and thought of caching

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I read this and thought just how do you not act suspiciously when caching in a wood!


When I first started caching I found a set of those iccle scales (used to weigh drugs I presume) hidden about 30 feet from GZ.

I took them back home to show TOH and he went mad!

'Don't bring them into the house for gods sake' he ordered, so i took them back and rehid them.


Thinking about it now, there was maybe some very illegal stuff near-by too! :unsure:

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just how do you not act suspiciously when caching in a wood!

Easy...don't deal drugs, carry drugs, or be under the influence of illegal drugs. I'd go as far as saying if you have been convicted of drug dealing, geocaching is not the game for you! If you find drugs, don't touch it, take the waypoint coords and send them to the local police force.

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I know of a cacher who found a drugs haul while out and about. It was a significant find too. But he did exactly the right thing and rang the police immediately so he could show them where it was. Considering we're out and about routing around in the underground I'm always surprised that cachers don't come across more than they do.....


Personally if I found something dodgy I would leave it where it was and move away a short distance and then ring the police - my biggest concern would be the owner coming back to retrieve his stash! Personally I'm not at all concerned at being 'caught' looking suspicious as I know that what I am doing is not dodgy and can be explained if necessary.

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I found a very nasty looking knife in a place where a geocache should have been (up a tree). We decided to remove and dispose of it.


I also once found a stash of tobacco and Rizlas where a cache should have been. I'm guessing someone who shouldn't have been smoking. Again, removed and disposed of.


I haven't stumbled over any drugs yet.

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i once found an xbox with controlers ps3 a bedroom lamp and a whole lot of other household items hidden were a cache should of been i just took a photo and showed it to the police along with the location, must of been stolen from somewere and reasently to as they werent wet or damaged. quite a shock though when thats not what ur looking for also to be gone before who ever comes back.



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Was caching in New Zealand a few years ago and after finding a cache tried to find a short cut through a wood and came across a chap sat outside a shack having a beer.

Asked him the way to the road and didn't get a very intelligent answer (seemed a bit spaced out) so headed back to the cache site and spotted a pot plant inside a large fern 20ft from the cache.

Had a look on the net and it was a Cannabis plant.

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