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  1. I put an ibeacon in my chirp cache a while ago so people without chirp GPS can use an Android or iphone instead. I have set the major, minor to the last 5 digits of the lat and long. The range of the more powerful ones is very good. I am tempted to set a cache so the range finding feature can be used to zero into the cache, beacon. Would put it on a path so a bit easier to zero in..just put the last digit of the lat long in the maj,minor field to help in the last few yards. GC58M19
  2. Duh Realised my mistake Delete post if you like. Jim
  3. Hi all I am trying to create a cache listing but the visibility drop box to select hidden or visible for the final location (1st page)does not work on Mystery type cache. I tried a multi and that worked. Do I change it later on or is there a problem. I have cleared the browser cache , Firefox , Chrome and tried my tablet (Chrome) but all the same. Thanks in advance Jim
  4. Thanks for the reply Makes sense . The app makers probably just used decimal as it is more common than mm.mmm I have found 2 chirp caches with it so it must work programming it. Cheers Jom
  5. Hi all I have a chirp which I access with an Android tablet and the Ant+ sampler app. What I am curious about is the coordinates are in degrees decimal minutes e.g (50.55566 -3.55566) If anyone has used a chirp app of any sort that is programmed in this format does it get converted by other devices (garmin gps) to D m.mmm or what ever that device is set for and not come up as an error. I don't see why it would but don't want to place it and find it useless. Thanks in advance Jim
  6. Mine locks up some times. It seems to happen when I drive around while on the map page. I often wondered if it was the rechargeable batteries not being strong enough or the map(open street map) I have loaded crashing it. Maybe the unit has memory or processor overload when trying to display street heavy maps and guide at the same time. I was going to post the same question on this site too.
  7. I have seen many of these clips and this one made me laugh too.
  8. I recently bought a 7" tablet and then got a pack of 10 NFC tags and playing around with a cache idea ,NFC and QR code. So I'm curious how many cachers have the readers too.
  9. Unfortunately we are up against government departments which are to lazy to put some thought into what rules they come up with. Royal parks ban ,MOD land ban. It's only a matter of time before a lot of council H&S enforcers start doing the same. I was on one of the Dartmoor ranges a few weeks ago and looked under a rock for a cache and found a Letterbox. Found the cache just near it under same rock. You could pick holes in their argument all day. Cranmere pool letterbox memorial , shall we rip it out. A cache coords moved a couple hundred feet and new container placed for whatever reason.
  10. Out of interest have the Dartmoor ranges got bans too. Being a national park and their ranges taking up near a 1/3 of it. My long cache walks tend to be there
  11. It's something I am see more and more is caches being placed and the owner gives up and leaves the container in place to rot away. One of the reasons people give to land owners so they can place caches is CITO. If a land owner looked at the cache pages they would see red spanners on a lot of caches and give it a second thought. There are caches that need to be removed but people keep logging them (write your name on a piece of paper and put in cache). Short of taking someones abandoned worn out container home and binning it and putting a NA on it , I really don't know. Rubbish I do try and remove though.
  12. Looks like you are getting sucked down a whirl pool Great photo
  13. Lots of great walks there. Helvellyn from Glenridding is worth a look Haystacks walk after a lot of rain is a sight to see with waterfalls and raging rivers. Also near there is Honister.com with it's slate mines. I didn't have time to do it but the climb around and into the cave looks fun. Lots of good short walks ,climbs around Buttermere too.
  14. Wish my GPS was that accurate. 10 secs zeroing in OOH it's right on this spot , lifts 1sqft of turf Bingo
  15. It looks like the girl on the trig has been superimposed onto a painting. Very surreal
  16. Maybe it is incase the cache owner goes inactive and a friendly reviewer can give you a hint.
  17. Was caching in New Zealand a few years ago and after finding a cache tried to find a short cut through a wood and came across a chap sat outside a shack having a beer. Asked him the way to the road and didn't get a very intelligent answer (seemed a bit spaced out) so headed back to the cache site and spotted a pot plant inside a large fern 20ft from the cache. Had a look on the net and it was a Cannabis plant.
  18. I just cleared the cookies etc and reloaded the page and they are now showing as aliandtone's. Swear more around my area should be Beginners though.
  19. I think they are showing up white not green. The same colour as the background.
  20. Shhh it's a secret game , don't go advertising it If we must just make it one of those official European or UN Days that way everybody won't know about it or care except us.
  21. The hole in the fence needs to be this big to get our fat bottoms through
  22. Kin ell man it was big enough to put a TB in !
  23. And what do most cachers do with their GPS, if they think a muggle is watching them? Put their GPS to their ear,as if it's a phone! I do that with my GPS60csx but hold it upside down so it doesn't look like I have a 1980's brick phone with it's antenna sticking up.
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