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A new cache, only hit the streets on 5th Sept (and one that I'm sure will turn out to be a 'hit'), is GC33JRZ. Its one of the 'SEEKING SPOOKS' series, and so far its only had two finders... and has two fav points to its credit. Its just a bit different to the normal range of caches.

Well worth a visit, when next in North East Wales.

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Here are a few of my favourites :grin:


WW2 Series - A Bridge too Far - Pole Cottage - GCJ5E7 in Shropshire - fun for bridge building!


High Tea - GC13RAF in Brecon Beacons - fun for a great multi in the hills


Along Long Mynd - GCKJWK in Shropshire - fun for the twist at the end and to take you to bits of the hill you wouldn't otherwise go to


Cut Down Cache - GCHBD1 in Birmingham - fun for a 5/5 that most people can manage, and also a very different place to visit from the usual!


Curious Curios 1 - GC2QNGB in Bristol - fun for a great (or infuriating) puzzle


Umbrella Tree - GC1WYAA in Birmingham - fun for the great camoflage

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If you're ever in south devon and have some time free, there's two fantastic trails with really cleverly hidden caches that form a nice two or three hour walk (although one section can be done in half an hour if you're prompt)


They're the templer way series. Without giving it away, the containers, locations and hideys for some of these are the best I've seen. Two had me hooting with laughter, three had me doffing my hat in respect!


Templer Way (4 set)


Templer Way (Part 2) 11 set

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