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  1. Ahh never mind. I'll just pretend I had something interesting to say. Golf hey. Interesting sport.
  2. Hi! have a question and can´t find anywhere the answer. If i buy a premium account now for a year its valid till December or until Oct next year? Thanks!! It should be valid for exactly 1 year. So it will expire on the date you bought it.
  3. I live in Bedford. I'd love to go caching sometime. Email me through the site if you like and we can arrange something.
  4. I'm not going to mention specific people/logs as there are hundreds of poor attempts. The IndiHM Abbey Road log is excellent by the way, nice and clear. It's a shop. I can tell by the pixels and from having seen quite a few in my time.
  5. Well I never did the Monmouth Way one. But Jackdaw Hill is lovely.
  6. I don't agree. The same opportunities are open to everyone, but a little effort is required! If you don't check your notifications regularly, and be prepared to drop everything and go, you can't start wingeing that someone else got there first! I agree. I'd also add that the FTF hunt is only a small part of the game. And the FTF hunt is only fun because it's competitive. I hunt the FTF and usually lose to Pumpkin67. But the times I win are great. More so b ecause I know I beat someone to the cache.
  7. I hate to be a killjoy but this is a pub quiz not a physics class.
  8. I confess my original answer was Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. Some kinda themepark planet. Though I thought i'd look up the exact quote. Another Adams Character is Dirk Gentley. He follows the "zen" method of motoring. How does this work?
  9. The far side of the Quentulus Quazgar Mountains in the land of Sevorbeupstry on the planet of Preliumtarn, which orbits the star Zarss, which is located in the Grey Binding Fiefdoms of Saxaquine. It is "We apologise for the inconvenience." (at least for Marvin). Though some would argue that it is different for each viewer.
  10. The only way anyone is going to be able to call you and armchair logger is if when they look at the cache log your name isn't there. As long as you sign the logs you have nothing to fear (not even the reaper).
  11. Michael J Fox stared as a teenage werewolf in the imaginatively titled "Teen Wolf". But what was the name of the Actor who played jewish werewolf George in the 2008 series "Being Human"?
  12. For me it's a toss up between Reptillian Railway and 35mm film canister in the woods. that said Laser Quest is also pretty special. And whilst i'm at it i-spy (the hangman) was a pretty fun experience.
  13. If you were going to go down the route of leaving a token rather than the cash in the cache. Maybe you could get some Geocoins made up. That would be a nice memento of the win. And it would also mean that should they be put into circulation you would get some added advertisement. I believe that the rules for geocoins are less stringent that the rules for caches.
  14. Anne Boleyn? DING! Ta! What was used to execute Anne Boleyn? I suppose an axe is too simple an answer.
  15. A large military style box a few hundred meters from a hospital. Actually I can kinda see why the Police might find it "inappropriate".
  16. And just cos i'm a gamer i'll go for Sunday the 10th April 1932.
  17. Meh there's people who cheat for the numbers with caches and there will be people who cheat for the numbers on challenges. I take the same view. Geocaching might be a sport, or it might be a hobby. But which ever way you call it it's still a pointless activity. If you want to stay at home ticking boxes for the numbers then whatever go for it. The fun of geocaching is getting out of the house.
  18. Ok as it's been a while you would find it in the bowels of the sperm whale and it's made of squid beaks. I think the Patrician was close enough for the ding being as he said it was formed in the guts. So ding.
  19. Nope Abrasive and sweet. Toothpaste? DING! What is Ambergris made from and where would you find it?
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