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  1. Hi I am in Okpo; South Korea (working in DSME)on and off for the next couple of years, I have managed to get one cache in the area after a long walk up one of the local hills and plan to set some in the city to allow others some easy finds with a place to drop trackables. I am just trying to find out if there are any other cachers in the area to see if it would be viable to hold an event to swap trackables.
  2. When trying to apply filters in the new search it responds with username not valid.
  3. Did you get those Polaroids developed yet? Still waiting on photos. Follow this if you want to see how to make a cryptex, hope it helps.
  4. I interviewed a candidate who had it on thier application form, it was a good icebreaker for me to use and yes they got the job!!!
  5. Is it possible to put a pocket query on an Micro SD card along with a map and have oregon 300 GPS read them both. I am going on holiday and need to take many pocket queries and different maps with me but wont have access to a PC. Therefore I want to load a map and pocket query to an SD Card and then switch cards for each country i visit. This should then give me the map and pocket query together as required. Many thanks
  6. I have a pocket query to find details on all my placed caches, however I have one earth-cache places some 1863 miles from my home. Despite telling the pocket query to find all my owned caches at a distance of 2000 miles from my home it fails to list my distant earth-cache. Anyone have any hints that may correct this problem thanks in advance.
  7. Hi take a look HERE it should help with what you need.
  8. I am unable to click the cache icons on the map view, when i hover over the icons the cursor turns to the pointed finger cursor and the name of the cache appears but that is all. I am unble to get any other info, if i click nothing happens, if i double click the map zooms in. I have done a search in the forums and the advice is clear the internet temporary files / history etc. I have done all of this but still no change. I am using IE9 with windows 7, tried upgrading to IE10 but it wouldnt even run so removed it and the problems still remain with IE9. Many thanks in advance for any suggestions you may offer.
  9. So the GPS MAZE is now in Europe. Great news so when can we see it in the UK? time to give us in the UK a chance to log this one.
  10. Make sure the number you enter is correct sometimes numbers and letter look quite similar. 8 can look like B, 1-I O-0 etc etc try all the variations. Also you could look at the cache where you retrieved the coin from and contact the owner as I guess its still logged into the cache as you are unable to log it.
  11. Hi just a quick question are any cachers going to be in Dalyan around mid August 2013? We will be there and just wondered if any of you may be visiting at the same time? Regards shantz_uk_&_cleverclogs
  12. Take a look at this site as they do geocoins with personalised engraving. Look Here!!!
  13. Go the whole hog and get a trackable tattoo just like my mate Finder 400. Lets face it you will always have it with you and you even get a unique icon!!
  14. Thought I was on to a winner here, but alas not available for the UK. Oh well will keep my eye out for a company doing free geocoins for anywhere in the world.
  15. Download the whereyougo app, i have downloaded it but not used it yet but should meet your needs.
  16. Happy to help but I only have the oregon 300 with the latest updates, im sure the files should be the same but take no responsability if they are not. Would you like me to send them? Matt
  17. Not sure what map you're looking at, but disabled caches on the geocaching.com map are displayed with a grey background. Once you've zoomed in enough, you can pick out the disabled caches on the map pretty easily. B. Thanks for that, I had never noticed that before. I wonder how many others had missed this feature, should it be made more visible so others notice this feature? Thanks once again.
  18. Would it be possible when in map view that cache icons which are temporarily disabled could have a cross through them. When looking at a list of caches in an area the temporarily disabled caches are scored through. So similar feature in map view could be helpful.
  19. Challange caches have been dropped by the powers that be at Groundspeak, this link has all the details. No, Geocaching Challenges were discontinued. Challenge caches are something entirely different. Look at the bottom of the Lists tab on Shell1fish's profile. She pretty much has every challenge cache in the US on a list. Ah ok my mistake.
  20. Challange caches have been dropped by the powers that be at Groundspeak, this link has all the details.
  21. Hi it may be a pathtag, have a look at www.pathtag.com to see if it looks like this type of thing. They look like a supermarket trolly coin tag. Some of them have only four digits. Regards
  22. Guess this is only open to members of facebook! I did click the link but no VOTE button anywhere to be seen. Would have liked to help, sorry.
  23. Hi There is an icon to depict a night cache and it can be seen here in the Attributes section. Hope it helps you discover another exciting side of caching.
  24. The TB is still owned by the originator despite his last log in details, chances are that they no longer cache given this information but only they can confirm this and given that they dont reply to email you will never know. However you have no other choice than pop the TB back in another cache, making a repair if that is possible. Regards
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