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Remember the time when...

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Oh, do you remember the time when GC.com was so much better. With all the changes in the site, I opened up the feedback forums and was reminded of something beautiful that was taken away: the old smileys.


I've never got used to the new ones and don't think I ever will.

Those fuzzy bad-colors make my eyes hurt. The old ones are clearly the best:




While we're on the subject, I encourage others to vote to at least bring back the old smileys:


Bring back the old smileys

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Agree 100%. I can't point out what else is all different, but there's plenty and I personally don't think any of it's an improvement over what we had a year or two ago. Just because you can change something doesn't mean you should. I wonder if these "updates" are in response to the popularity of Facebook, twitter, etc. Please, GC.com, lead, don't follow. You were fine before the last two or three updates.

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