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  1. 100% agree with this. Taking bm's off the website is a very bad idea imo.
  2. Many, unfortunately. Maybe the one that hurt the most is a 2001 cache I adopted that still had the original logbook but the container was toast. I replaced it with a .50 cal ammo can and of course someone stole it, original logbook gone. They also stole the .30 cal I used next. It's been a cheap plastic jug for a few years now with no problems (yet).
  3. I see Ambrosia posted a photo of Paul and Babe from California earlier in the thread, and I know there's another similar attraction in Maine. This is in my home state of Minnesota, Bemidji to be exact. It's old, 1937 according to the sign. A tornado blew it apart once IIRC, it was rebuilt with much stronger anchoring. Babes eyes are taillights from some old car and they could light up, not sure if they do anymore. There aren't any caches right by it, we did a Wherigo that was close by. I thought it might make a decent Virtual Reward cache.
  4. I'm the current caretaker of a couple old multis in southeast Minnesota, based on some cemeteries from the Civil War era. They're tucked away in the Whitewater River valley, a very scenic tributary of the Mississippi. I took a few photos of one of them, Young Cemetery - nothing real elaborate but it's the kind of place I wish I could be laid to rest when the time comes.
  5. Yes, they're gone (no survey for them ). You can look at older players finds and see LC's they did, I'd guess you could probably use GSAK to search for them too.
  6. On the way to Kelly-Jack, a now-archived virtual deep in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness of Minnesota.
  7. Old Man River, headwaters of the Mississippi in my homestate of Minnesota.
  8. Yes, that is much better, thank you van der Decken!
  9. I took this about a year ago with my iPhone doing MINER'S LAKE EARTH CACHE (GC1TR39) in Ely, MN. The sun had just come up over the hills on the shore, the snow was sparkling like diamonds. The pristine snow and ice showed where a lone deer had crossed the lake. The little white spot bugs me, I guess I should figure out how to use a photo editor. (edit to fix link to cache)
  10. It's clear the cache's placed date is now correct, which is how it should be. What's sad (and kinda comical) is reading the notes from people removing their favorite points and complaining about their Jasmers getting blown up.
  11. Any new developments on this? Personally, I don't think Moun10Bike or HQ will un-archive it, and make it available to be logged again unless it's placed back at it's original location. If that were to happen, what would/could be done to ensure that it's not re-taken? A brick and mortar enclosure? Chains and cables? Like a lot of others I hope something can be worked out and would like to hear specific thoughts on how to make it happen.
  12. The website folded. I agree, it was a great resource that I used many times. IIRC the site has been gone about a year, maybe two.
  13. The CO has re-appeared, hopefully they clean up the logs, re-enable it and continue to maintain it.
  14. Came across this laugher, from one of the most prolific finders, on a 5/1.5 from one of the most prolific hiders: Found it 07/12/2012 Visiting from Denver on my annual cache-a-thon. Left a replacement container and log and SL. Thanks for hiding this cache for me to find! Cache find #49178. From looking at the cache page it has two legitimate finds, 32 DNF's.
  15. Too bad Groundspeak didn't give virtual, webcam and locationless caches a "survey". It's pretty simple really, just add challenge caches to that group. Over and out.
  16. Tried Firefox, problems seem to be gone. IE apparently is the culprit, wonder why...
  17. I've been having the same problem for about a week or so too. Using Windows 10. It worked fine until recently. Dumping "Internet Exploder" doesn't really seem like a viable solution, what's changed just recently that's causing this?
  18. I've been getting all kinds of funky issues lately - things like I click on a profile and I'm logged out and won't let me log back in (just keeps repeating every time I re-try). I can't edit an image. Pull up maps and I'm logged out every time I click on a cache. I don't know if it's a Geocaching.com problem or Windows 10 screwing up.
  19. My underwater cache (PMO when it's disabled) sits in about two feet of water. It consists of a smallish lock-n-lock inside another larger lock-n-lock. I filled the outer one with cement and lead weights to keep it on the lake bottom, with a space formed for the smaller container to sit in. I take it out every fall (I live in Minnesota where the lakes freeze, I haven't wanted to risk the cache being frozen in the ice and then being uprooted and moved when the ice goes out in the spring). Every year the outer container has had water in it, due to something like a piece of seaweed or grain of sand getting in the seal and causing a leak, but the inner has always been dry, next month will mark it's 6th year. The Geocachingvlogger posted a on it a few years ago if you wanted to check it out.As I said, I pull this out every year and clean and dry the outer container. Would the inner cache still be dry if it had sat out on the lake bottom all that time? I believe it would be, but of course it all depends on the finders taking the time to make sure the boxes don't have stuff in the seals when they're done.
  20. "I don't think I looked at my souvenir tab more than once since they were introduced because they mean nothing to me. However I think it is odd only specific APE caches earn one. People should get one for having found any of them." - seems obvious doesn't it?
  21. We checked out Apostle Islands National Lakeshore in northern Wisconsin this past weekend. PassingWind's EarthCache at Mawikwe sea caves (GC1G4QP) has seen a pretty good bump in visitors the last two months.
  22. What a fantastic idea! My map would look so much better without all of the PTs in the area. It takes work but the "ignore" feature works well for this. The ability to bulk "ignore" would be a welcome addition.
  23. Does anyone know where to find a display case/stand to hold four coins, all standard(?) size ~ 1 3/4" diameter, 1/8"-3/16" thick? Thank you in advance...
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