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Mega Wales – M4 Traffic Problem

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Due to a lorry fire in the Brynglas Tunnels, at Newport, the M4 has been closed. Diversions are in place, but these are long and major disruption and delay are occurring. Current reports suggest that the M4 through the tunnels will not re-open before the weekend, so we would advise anyone travelling to S Wales by road to check the latest travel news before they set out. This can be found here

If you are approaching Wales from anywhere north of the M4, the best advice is to enter Wales via the M50/A40 and then use the “Heads of the Valleys Road” (A465) to get to Swansea. If you have no practical choice but to enter Wales on the M4/M48 then listening to the latest travel advice will be essential.

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The A48 isn't a bad road at all so will be easy enough to divert around Newport although I'm sure it'll be busier than normal so probably worth giving yourself some extra time.


I'm trying to convince keehotee it's an opportunity to cross the river on the Newport Transporter Bridge which if you're sad enough like me to enjoy old engineering type thingys is definitely worth the diversion. Only 2 in the UK and 8 worldwide so a bit of a unique experience!

(edited to add it's shut this Thursday / Friday so don't try if you're only down for the weekend!)

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Have watched this situation for a couple of days. Peak delays seem to have been around 40 mins, 0 - 10 mins seems to have been more usual at other times. However it is not clear how much this has been affected by people avoiding the area or diversions that have been imposed at various times. Also, the daytime pattern on weekdays will not be the same at weekends.

The best advice seems to be to avoid the usual rush hour times, but still check the latest position through the link given in the initial post.

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Good news!

Both tunnels are now open, although the west bound one has a 30 mph speed restriction. This shouldn't make a big difference to journey times.

They clearly pulled out all the stops for the Mega!


I finish work at 6am on Sunday morning and have got to Boris bike it to the station to get the first train to here be dragon's land. If there are any problems with the trains or if I get stuck at work - I may need you to put the Mega back a week or so. That's ok isn't it? B)

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