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  1. I use Viewranger mapping app on my nokia x6. It is brilliant! Every single one of our 258 caches has been found with it. Yes it is a paid app but if you go premium you can download your pocket queries straight into it and away you go. I also have never had a battery problem with it (but that's the phone for you, not the app). We have a garmin etrex H but can't get on with it as it doesn't have maps in the same way that the phone has. Btw I am in Kent too, feel free to drop me a line some time!
  2. Hmm we are coming by coach. I think we had better plan on arriving later than anticipated *sighs*
  3. I am definately interested in this if anyone needs a team member down south.
  4. Boss Mum and I only log under the Team Mum name when we are both together. Any finds we make separately we log under individual user names.
  5. About a year or so ago I was watching an episode of CSI NY and it was on there. I thought it sound pretty interesting and meant to look it up but forgot. Then one Saturday just before New Year I was bored and wanted to come up with a new hobby for the new year. I had a bit of think and remembered the episode I had seen but couldn't remember the name so googled geo treasure hunt. Up popped this site and away I went. The odd thing is that when I went to Boss Mum's house and mentioned it to my Mum, I found that all three of my brothers had just started doing it on the same day!
  6. We are in the UK too - not that far from London either really. I (the junior member of Team Mum)have no qualms about wandering about on my own at any time of the day or night, whereas Boss Mum isn't happy to do it. I take obvious precautions - telling someone where I am going, when I'll be back etc, having my phone on me and wearing appropriate clothing ie walking boots. Remember that statistically a woman is LESS likely to have problems from crime in the UK than a man, it is the media attention that any attack on a woman gets that heightens our fears. Look like you know where you are going, that you belong where you are and be vigilant about potential dangers. Failing that, find some other female cachers that don't want to go out alone and go together!
  7. I'm thirty*coughs*five*cough* and Mum is er much older. We cache together as a team. My three brothers (all between 23and 29) all cache too with their teams. My kids started this week as it's half term with their own team name - they are between 9 and 18. Obviously the younger ones can't go alone but the older one could *hopes her teen doesn't get to go do the puzzle ones she has solved before she does* What I love about this hobby is that it is all encompassing. Anyone with any ability can find caches. If you want to go hiking to the middle of the moors brilliant, if urban and town centres are more your thing you can do this too. I am sooooo glad I found something so accepting to do!
  8. I am in the UK and have a nokia x6. I downloaded the Viewranger app for roughly £5 from the OVI store (this nokia at least can't use android apps). The phone is brilliant, if the app says the cache is there then it is - ok we have only found 35 caches but it was right every time (each time within a foot and even picked out the right ivy covered tree for us hehe)no matter what the weather. Battery life has also not been an issue so far. Our longest caching day with the app running is 6.5 hours and it didn't lose more than half the charge - no extra charging as we have walked to all our caches so far. Boss Mum has bought a Garmin Etrex H but we didn't realise it didn't come with a cable to connect it to the pc so that is an added cost (it doesn't take standard usb cables). Once we have that we will be using both as the Garmin is more durable etc but the phone has the net if we need it!
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