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Puzzles Puzzles - how does one solve them?

Bremar Josrut

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I've come across three puzzle caches so far and I have no clue where to begin with solving them. How does a person go about solving puzzles?


The three are:


In serach of temporal physics GC2VVHF

Jerico 2 GC2MNEF

The view at the top of thte hill GC2T2E9


I'm not looking for the solution, I'm trying to figure out how to solve these. I've been geocaching for less than a month now and loving it but these has me stumped. Any guidance to solve them would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi Bremar Josrut


Welcome to Geocaching!! We hope you begin to enjoy it as much as we do. Some would say we are obsessed or addicted to the sport - but hey, we're just having a great time!


You are not alone when struggling to work out Mystery/Puzzle caches. Most of the time they just require a creative mind or a logical mind, it just depends. I generally struggle with puzzles, whereas Rolf is very good at solving them. We have also found that solving puzzle caches with a group is very effective. You will find that each individual has skills in specific areas and by getting together you harness the best out of everyone and the solving becomes so much easier.


Many of the puzzle caches we have done, have had clues or co-ords as part of the picture's properties. Sometime you have to work something out, and sometimes you need to go on site to get some information. It just depends.


I had a look at the one "A view from the hill". There is a geo checker on the page, which means you can calculate the final co-ords from your armchair. I also notice that picture/photograph in listing looks like a puzzle in itself. I think this picture is giving clues, maybe even the final co-ords but how to interpret it? Initially I thought it had something to do with the structures - if you look at them they can be translated into numbers e.g. six pillars in the one pic. That's just an idea.


Another tip is to look at the given co-ords. The final co-ords should be more or less around the same degrees or just out by one digit. So if you are working out a puzzle and you find the final co-ords you have calculated are no where near the given co-ords, then chances are you've made an error.


On the cache with the riddle (In search of temporal...), you need to read "between the lines". The co-ords are in the story - notice the paragraphs - there are two of them. Read the text carefully - there are numbers as well as the mention of "South" and "East". Note these things down and see if you can make sense of it.


The one on the rocket, the CO has given a whole bunch of images, which you need to go through. I just looked at the one attachment, but again I see it has numbers and things. I think if you take a look at everything again - you'll find some much needed info. Remember, he says "perhaps this added info will assist you...."


If you do not know any other geocachers, try to attend the next Event that comes up. Events are social get-togethers of geocachers and you get to meet a lot of teams. Then you can perhaps hook up with the new contacts you have made and set up sessions for cracking puzzle caches as a team. Up here in Gauteng, we'll be attending a Techno Event that will focus on solving Puzzle Caches. Tips and tricks and then group solving. If you are keen to be a part of it and have skype, let me know and we can connect with you. PM me on: geo936@gmail.com.


Good luck!

Silvia (GEO936)

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My solution:


Step 1: read as much of the information as possible.

Step 2: Google everything else. I once googled a clue and it gave me the container.


And if after, say a few months and I still haven't solved it, PAF (Phone A Friend)!


Worked in the past:

(Sorry, I don't know how to create a link...)


GC27GZ3 - Potch Treasure

GC1XT4W - Data Transfer


Others are just: Go to the given coords, find other information there, and calculate the final coords:


GC1Z3MV - A"maze"ing

GC27JNP - Potch Pirate


It all depends. Follow your instincts, knowledge and thoughts. Try to think like the cache owner. He/she had an idea, got the information to "hide" the idea, and want people to make the effort to solve the puzzle.


Oh, and Good Luck!

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It was really great to have Bremar Josrut join the Puzzle Techno event yesterday via Skype. Thank you for your input and contribution. We all learned a lot and are more equipped to solve some of the more obscure puzzles.

Thanks Bruce it was great to be there and learn I'm able to solve a few puzzles so far but not all <_<. However as time progress I will get there. Thanks once again that I could have attended.

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