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  1. I grabbed it from somebody, I tried various methods to type in the code. CBMAJO
  2. I have a Cache Buddy Fish TB, however when I type in the code on the TB I get told that this TB does not exist. How do I log this TB?
  3. When I want to test my cartridge to see if everything is working as I want it to I get a Timed Out Error. What must I do to correct this?
  4. Another 2 questions: How do I set the timer to record length of time player took to complete the cartridge? How do I get player to walk 100m to find a object that can be used later in the cartridge?
  5. Download this simple sample cartridge: http://www.urwigo.cz/vzorove-projekty/58-adventura-honzik-na-prazdninach Thanks for the link you don't by any chance have a English version? I've used Google translate, the translation is not perfect but it is helping me to get a better understanding of creating a cartridge. tHanks
  6. Download this simple sample cartridge: http://www.urwigo.cz/vzorove-projekty/58-adventura-honzik-na-prazdninach Thanks for the link you don't by any chance have a English version?
  7. I am trying to build my first cartridge. what I want to know is how to do the following: 1. I want to give the player a option of two or more choices, each option will have it's own consequence and action. How do I go about creating this? 2. Also I want a character in the game to be able to speak at different stages and say different things during these stages. How do I set this up? Thanks
  8. I read that International Geocaching Day takes place on the 3rd Saturday in August. And from what I can find out it's been around since 2011. What I would like is some background information with regards to why 3rd Saturday in August and how did this day come about. Thanks
  9. I don't know if this is the right place to ask my question, but here goes anyway. Can a person export only your finds including data via GSAK into a excel CSV file?
  10. It's wonderful to see that I'm second most active cacher in the Eastern Cape. However what I want to find out is when does these numbers start from. I found my first cache on 04/07/2011 and have not looked back and I have found 41 so far this year. So does this make me the most active cacher? I would not think so.
  11. I'm new to Gsak. I've been trying to get Gsak to recognise the various districts in SA. I've followed most of the instructions and downloaded all the files but I still cannot get Gsak to recognise the areas under county. Can someone help? (I'm not that computer literate either ) )
  12. I've just received my Garmin Dakota 20. I can download individual caches onto the Garmin but is there a way for me to download more than one at a time. If yes, how? Thanks
  13. My understanding of GOSA is that there is a group of people who are trying to plan a MEGA Event. Now with reading through the varies forums, in order to plan/organise a MEGA event they need to raise funds ect. They cannot do this without a proper constitution. Hence the constitution. There is no way that GOSA can stop me or anyone else from geocaching in South Africa. Nor can they stop the placement of caches. Therefore in my humble opinion there is no way that they can force/coerce me to pay them a membership fee. At the same time I don't believe they can stop me from blogging my experience of geocaching in South Africa.
  14. I fully agree with this. Yes I want to "get numbers" but I want my numbers to reflect something of beauty and challenge. How the heck will 600+ caches be maintained already there are some caches archived due to CO not able to maintain them. How is a CO going to maintain 600+. Also unfortunately I cannot see how we can stop this due to the fact that unfortunately Groundspeack allows this according to their guidelines. We can debate our likes and dislikes until the cows come home but they will continue to appear. Unless someone can come up with a concrete way to change policy and guidelines to minimise these.
  15. All I was trying to say was if there was going to be a power trail rather do it on a hiking trail than do it in my neighbourhood. On a hiking trail there will be far more interesting things to see than in my neighbourhood. I'm not a big fan of multi caches and that is where I enjoy a challenge cache like the one I mentioned in Hogsback. There I must find 10 caches to get clues for the bonus cache. All 10 caches lead me to very interesting and fantastic sites within Hogsback. As for local rules I don't think that will really work. As then whenever you move into a different area you first need to find local out what the local rules are before you can hide a cache. In PE there are some caches that has been placed by people in other provinces. So we have to revert back to the rules as laid down by Groundspeak. A power trail whether you like it or not complies by the rules so they cannot be stopped.
  16. Chimera - Is it not a distant relative of mine? On a serious note and a wild guess is it not the flying lion/hawk thingy?
  17. My limited understand of Groundspeak Rules state that there must be a minimum distance between caches and waypoints ect. Should the CO adhere to these rules and can maintain the caches, then what can we do - the only choice left is to ignore or do them. As I'm a newbie and staying in Port Elizabeth I have found 3 challenge caches. The most interesting one I'm planning to do is Hogsback Challenge. You do 10 Caches in the area to find the co-ords for the final one. I enjoy doing these type caches, I could therefore understand if these ones become a power trail or a power trail starts in this area. Also in PE we have a historic walk having a power trail along the route could help. Will I do a power Trail possibly, it has to be in a interesting area though.
  18. I'm not planning on buying just yet (unless I come across a offer to good to resist). I just need to get something in the long run as my BlackBerry Battery does not last a day when out Geocaching. At least I have a car charger so I'm able to "top up" so to say so that I can continue. As I’m quite a newbie I don't want to go out and buy a device and then decide to upgrade in a year’s time (paying more than necessary if I bought the upgraded one in the first place!) I'm also keeping my eye open for a second hand one.
  19. Thanks Bruce it was great to be there and learn I'm able to solve a few puzzles so far but not all . However as time progress I will get there. Thanks once again that I could have attended.
  20. If the CO has been AWOL for some time and this wonderful Virtual Cache is now archived, then there must be some WAY to reassign this cache to an active CO who will be willing to fulfil the requirements of this cache. In this way we don't lose this cache. Just my 2c worth. :-)
  21. I've come across three puzzle caches so far and I have no clue where to begin with solving them. How does a person go about solving puzzles? The three are: In serach of temporal physics GC2VVHF Jerico 2 GC2MNEF The view at the top of thte hill GC2T2E9 I'm not looking for the solution, I'm trying to figure out how to solve these. I've been geocaching for less than a month now and loving it but these has me stumped. Any guidance to solve them would be greatly appreciated.
  22. I'm currently on a 60 day trail with Geocache Navigator. I've been able to find 54 Caches so far. Only found out about Geocaching about 3 Weeks ago. I believe once the trail is over it will cost about R200 to purchase.
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