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Wherigo - Finds and Hides


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Recently Michigan reached the milestone of 100 Wherigos placed. The unique element of this milestone are that none have ever been archived.




I was curious about the hiders and finders of Wherigo caches around the USA, Canada, and the world.


How many Wherigo FINDS do you have?


How many Wherigo HIDES do you have?


What is your primary equipment for Wherigo?


What is your primary development tool for Wherigo?


I look forward to seeing how well received Wherigo is.


As for my stats....


114 Wherigo FINDS


5 Wherigo HIDES


Equipment: I use a Colorado 300, but recently got a smart phone and loaded the WhereYuoGo app.


Primary development tool: Was the Groundspeak Wherigo Builder, but the 3 Wherigos I am working on right now have all been done with the URWigo software.

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As we also live in Michigan, we've been fortunate to have plenty of Wherigos to play. Here are our stats:


How many Wherigo FINDS do you have?

130 finds in 13 states/provinces


How many Wherigo HIDES do you have?

4 hides


What is your primary equipment for Wherigo?

Primarily use a Colorado 400C, but also occasionally use our Oregon 450 and iPhone 3G


What is your primary development tool for Wherigo?

The Groundspeak builder for the first two, and Urwigo for the 3rd, 4th, and several tutorial cartridges. Urwigo is also being used for several that are in process.

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I might as well participate. Though I've only published eight cartridges, I still own half my state's Wherigo caches. I don't publish all that often because I'm busy with other things (always trying to catch up on cache logs) and, admittedly, I'm not that prolific a cache hider. Also, I'll only make a cartridge if I can't put the cache out as a multi or mystery.


How many Wherigo FINDS do you have?

I've found 34 in 14 states: PN, GA, SC, WV, KY, NV, WA, FL, WI, IL, MI, TN, MA, and OR.


How many Wherigo HIDES do you have?

Just eight that are published.


What is your primary equipment for Wherigo?

I run both a Colorado and iPhone 3G. I like to compare the two.


What is your primary development tool for Wherigo?

Notepad, after I've done what I can in Groundspeak's Builder. It's a little more challenging to work with Urwigo's output.


If I can ever get access to Groundspeak's API, I could configure the Statbar Modifier to make a Wherigo statbar...

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8 finds Would do more but MrsD isn't a big fan of them


13 hides

9 of those hides are all one series packaged into one cartridge

I could easily plug in a new set of waypoints and roll out another multiple-cache series but I like to use new ideas each time really and I've always got plenty of ideas!


I had to archive our Shakespeare themed Wherefore art thou Wherigo? (set in Stratford upon Avon) because the final cache went missing and so did an ornate lamp post which was key to one of the stages. :(




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:unsure: One find and one hide.


But that is only due to the lack of them near me - something I aim to change soon (well, in the next few months once I have finished writing it).


First was written with Builder, this time I am trying Urwigo.


Oh, and I use an HTC Desire Android phone for all GC / WIG activities!

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Finds: 6

Hide: 1 (build with urwigo)

Oregon 450


I would be very happy, if Wherigo´s and everything around them would be pushed more by groundspeek. There is not much space left in Germany, so that we need it! And I think there are lots of possibilities to try out and have fun!

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How many Wherigo FINDS do you have? 11 found, plus 1 completed but DNF'd (cache was there, I am blind)


How many Wherigo HIDES do you have? 2 (both still active) - just come up with an idea for a 3rd


What is your primary equipment for Wherigo? WhereYouGo app on my Motorola Droid 4 (previously on a Motorola Droid 1)


What is your primary development tool for Wherigo? Groundspeak Wherigo Builder

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Found: 61 Wherigo caches. There are four or five I have on my list to do when I can take a drive and focus on those.


Hides: two. I rewrote the cartridges for both of these last year and have ideas for two more, if I can complete the storyline and art.


Equipment: I started out on the Colorado, but hardware on that unit eventually failed. I have been using an Acer MyPal (pocket pc/gpsr) but lately I have been using the iPhone 5 for convenience.


Development Tool: the Groundspeak builder. I never could make much sense out of earwigo or urwigo, but I would try the \\kit for any future projects v

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Currently on 144 finds (still only 13 published hides)


We ALWAYS use more than one type of device

Between the two of us we have

Oregon 300,Oregon 550,iPhone 4 and Samsung Galaxy S4 running WhereYouGo.


I could add Mio P500 to that list as well but to be honest, I haven't used it for a few years now.



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