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  1. I have upwards of 50 some unread messages in the message center. I get notifications of them via email, so if they need to be responded to, I just respond in my email browser. This fixed a lot of issues with the message center for me at least. I remember when the message center was released, this wasn't an option.
  2. +1 I've been wanting this for a long time now. This feature is included when you delete a picture from a log on a cache you own, so I don't see why it couldn't be included when you go to delete an entire log.
  3. Yep. WhereYouGo is still working flawlessly for me on my Samsung note 4. Try uninstalling the app and then re installing. As far as I know, WhereYouGo is the only Wherigo app ever to be available for the Android platform.
  4. I've found that if I adjust my screen to be a bit dimmer, the batteries last about three times as long. I've had my explorist for almost 4 years now. Still going strong.
  5. That irked me a bit, because there's NO info about the trackable or the cache. I went to the cache page to see what they had logged there. So far, they haven't logged the cache the TB was retrieved from. (Their cache logs from that day were all in a neighboring state, though.) Their other cache logs are all generic, aside from posting about TB drops/retrievals/swaps. At least they do that much. I tend to have disdain for anyone who feels the need to advertise like that. Me too. People who feel the need to gloat about their high numbers and/or stats in their logs are particularly irksome to me. Like those copy and paste logs that say something to the effect of "Your cache has become find #13,573 in the caching history of (power cacher). That's 200 finds for today with 0 DNFs. Thanks to all of the COs for placing and maintaining these smilies for all to find!". Hate those logs. There's a cacher who used to cache in my local area who would post needs maintenance logs whenever he couldn't find a cache with the log almost always ending with "Cachers want to find caches....Not look for them! Caches that can be found are good caches!" Thankfully, he doesn't cache around here anymore. *Edited for a typo
  6. Not sure if that park is in NC or TN or both, but here's links to both of their known regional geocaching policies. Click on national parks for the information you're looking for. It looks like in NC, caches have recently been allowed on National Parks with permission. In TN it appears there's a total ban on physical caches of any kind on national park lands. North Carolina Regional Geocaching Policy Tennessee Regional Geocaching Policy
  7. Sorry, no can do. Why do you say no can do? A local geocaching couple here in NJ had their wedding listed as an event just last year. See GC51KBQ. *Edited for spelling
  8. Says who? I own a plethora of challenge caches. Not one of them are hidden at the posted coordinates. This is done simply by the choice of the CO and there's no requirement that says challenge caches are to be placed at the posted coordinates. Folks tend not to go out of their way for my challenges until they've qualified because of that reason.
  9. I could have sworn I remember reading something about this actually being added to the challenge logging guidelines. If I remember correctly, "pre-signing" a challenge cache is now okay whether the CO detests or not.
  10. I agree that a "part of a power trail" attribute would be much more useful than a "shelter" attribute. I dream of the days that comes to exist.
  11. I found the FB page that J Grouchy mentioned earlier. I looked at a few of the posts and there are actually explanations of how the puzzles were solved, along with reference links. I don't believe the coords are from hacking a geocheck website. It appears that people are actually solving the puzzles before posting the solutions on the page. There are at least two FB groups devoted to puzzles. One is a flat out spoiler site, while the other, called "Geocaching Puzzle Help" is more about helping others solve puzzles. They have a policy that no hints will be given on a puzzle that has not yet been found and frown on giving out *too much* help (don't post actual solved coordinates). It has links to numerous help sites that can be used to help solve puzzles (cipher solvers, stenography tools, etc). The page I looked at was definitely the 'spoiler' page, not the 'help' page. All posts were from the page owner. No posts had comments from others. There was a separate post for each puzzle cache, and each post contained solved coords along with an explanation of how to solve the puzzle. I've seen the 'help' page before. Different people post puzzle caches on the page, and tips for the puzzle are discussed in the comments of each post. I've observed both groups and not surprisingly, most times when a cache is brought up for help in the "help" group, it makes it to the spoiler page. I believe some of the "puzzle spoiler" network are members of the "help" page as well. I remember when a fellow cacher and I stumbled upon these sites a couple of years ago. It really bothered us at first and we did all kinds of research to try and figure out who these people were until we realized it didn't really matter anyway. There's not anything anybody can do about it except not let it get to you.
  12. Yeah I see where you're coming from, but I have no interest in maintaining other CO's caches when I could use those spare logs in my bag to maintain my own caches. Feel free to go about helping absent COs with their caches, but don't expect others to do the same.
  13. This is a common thing for puzzles in our part of the country, for some reason,Twinklekitkat. I've had countless puzzles spoiled on that Facebook page along with many others that I know of in NJ and PA. I do believe it has something to do with the geocheck website that you used. It gets hacked fairly frequently, from what I understand. If you want my advice, don't use a geochecker at all on your next puzzle. Use a checksum instead. If you must use a checker, use one of the less popular ones, such as evince, to keep your puzzle off the radar. Certitudes and geocheck puzzles are normally the ones I see get plastered over the spoiler page. It doesn't help, of course, that we have a famous "power cacher" relatively close to our area that proudly touts that he has "a team of puzzlers" that solve puzzles for him because he doesn't have time to solve puzzles between finds. At least that's what he told me at an event. This could be the reason why so many of the ? caches in the NJ,PA,DE area end up on the spoiler Facebook page.
  14. "I'm on a road trip and trying to pick up as many webcams, 2000s, wherigos and reviewers as I can so I can qualify for xxx challenge."
  15. What you're likely assuming your answer is would probably turn out to be correct. At least here in NJ, I've never heard of or seen anybody get permission to place a cache on DOT property. I see them get published regularly, though. Funny, you can stick a magnet on an electrical box with "assumed permission" and it will get published, but here in Jersey they want full disclosure of permission on any and all climbing caches because evidently ropes made to non invasively climb trees are considered invasive to the local reviewers. Anyway, sorry for the rant. Just an estimate here, but I'm thinking it's a 99.9% chance that every MassDOT cache on your bookmark list has inadequate permission. Just like all of those lamp skirt caches that are in poles owned by the power company and local land owners. I'm willing to bet that they'd be thrilled to find out people are sticking their hands in and around the wiring on their light poles.
  16. To your first question - it is entirely up to you what to write in your log, however us cache owners who take time to place those caches for you to find appreciate some sort of comment when you log a find. As for your second question,"CLEAR ALL FIELD NOTES" will clear all of your field notes. "BULK DELETE" will allow you to delete multiple things at once.
  17. There was a cache published here in Jersey a few years ago that is very explicitly buried. In fact, it's in a pvc pipe about two feet into the ground. CO went back and forth with our local reviewer until he finally got it approved. Evidently, the fact that it is on his front lawn is what eventually got it approved. It's still active to this day, and has lots and lots of favorite points. No big surprise there.
  18. Nice log. But the same log fifteen times? And that's what we got: Mostly the same log over and over, and over and over. We spent a lot of time to make the views interesting, and the puzzles interesting and different. And people could not rehide the caches properly? That's the best geocachers can do? Despite the effort into hiding these caches, and providing interesting puzzles, this series was ready to go. I'm sorry that geocachers found this series so boring. I won't try that again. Archived. FWIW, I really enjoyed the five in that series that I found. I had a few more of em solved and would've liked to have made it back up the way for the rest, but couldn't find the time. Like any series though, it attracted some power cachers and we all know that with power cachers comes the "Your cache was #X in my caching adventure today" logs.
  19. +1 Unfortunately it's not an option to simply "turn off" the message center. Many cachers wish there was, but there is not. Also, although I don't have the links at my disposal right now, there's multiple other threads on this topic if you use the search function.
  20. I LOL'd. I hate getting these types of logs. It's irritating. There's one I see all the time that starts with "WELCOME TO THE ADVENTURES OF (ANNOYINGLOGGER)" and ends with some lame tag line. In the middle is the usual filler about how awesome their day was finding X number of caches and of course the "Thanks to all of the cache owners (especially "specific cache owner") for placing and maintaining these caches". Then they'll boast about how they personalize every log because they include the cache owner's name in their copy and paste cookie cutter log. Writing actual logs about each specific cache takes time. Power cachers don't have time for that crap. They have hundreds, even thousands of caches to find/log.
  21. This one had a real sad end. Especially since it cannot be re published due to new NJ state land regulations. Would have liked to see it active at least until it had to be permitted or archived. Such a fun search that nobody will get to have ever again (of course unless they look up the archived listing and go find it....Because it's surely still there).
  22. My absolute favorite is when a seasoned geocacher finds one of my Earthcaches and says "Your cache is #xxxx of xxxxxx caches found today. Great hide. TNLNSL TFTC."
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