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  1. Não é possível. Para o registo ser válido numa geocache o logbook físico tem que ser assinado. Logbooks virtuais ou em suporte informático (uma pen no recipiente com um documento para assinar no computador por exemplo) não são permitidos. A assinatura física só não é necessária nas caches em que não existe um logbook físico (Earthcaches, Virtuais, Lab Caches) e onde essa situação está prevista e documentada.
  2. Maybe the image name containing blank spaces is causing it not being recognised?
  3. As coins da Friends League são postas a 0 na 2ª Feira para se começar um novo desafio semanal.
  4. "they are simply asking you to comply with the guidelines" is mispelled.
  5. Independentemente das estatísticas, não é possível alterar o tipo de cache depois de publicada.
  6. 1- Criar as Notificações que se quer receber 2- Configurar o telemovel para receber os emails das notificações
  7. I've been trying to set the Zone Mover to work. With Indy's boulder I didn't get it (I'm 0(zero) with writing scripts) but wiht the Dragon was easy. I just changed the coordinates bit by bit, names bit by bit and managed to put the zones changing, pausing and even resuming! Now I need to add some code at the end of the zone movement and I need help on how to do that. Once done I'll handle it within Urwigo. When the zone ends the move I need to set active the other zone there's in the cartridge. Once I get that I can continue the program. Another question: If I need to add a second zone to move I only have to copy the "triggering Lua User code" (the pink thing) changing the zoneName or I have to add some identification to the ZoneMover command? Or something else? Thanks in advance Dalek002.zip
  8. How come watching The Desolation of Smaug over and over again, is not part of your Christmas plans? BUILD ME A CARTRIDGE WORTHY OF MORDOR!
  9. Here's the local forum thread. http://www.geopt.org/index.php/board/viewtopic.php?f=16&t=7272 I'll spread word about the need of art designers there too. People are starting to get excited. Some already say "small step for man, giant leap for mankind..."
  10. Translation, that's where I can help! I'm already in the Portuguese translation group for Groundspeak, count me in then! One of the forum moderators is an art designer, let's see if he is interested anh has availability to help in that area... I'll contact him. P.S. edit: concerning translation:, why not ask Groundspeak to add WF translation needs as a new translation project along with Groundspeak other projects? We already translate iOS , Windows and Android Geocaching apps, geocaching.com website, marketing goods, this would be one more and would have the massive attention of all already existing translation teams around the globe...
  11. This sounds really really good and professional. I must salute the effort to take Wherigo ahead. Unfortunately I don't have knowledge enough to help the team. In the national forum I announced the project and people are very excited with the news.
  12. Oh boy, I can barely wait for the news... And I'm GMT and you're probably GMT+8 or something... I'll probably only read about it wednesday Thursday night... Oh precious, we hates them for that...
  13. Some times I also had that problem. Never figured out the problem, then suddenly it starts working again... Check if you're not too zoomed in...
  14. After some struggle I managed to put my Windows XP to work. The folder where I had to put Ranger Fox's map.htm file was: USer/Local Definitions/Apps/2.0/urwigo.exe_something Thanks Ranger, you're The Man! I believe that all work you do you definitely deserve to have your avatar in the entire world emulators! Ranger Fox to president!
  15. You can make like this: If Zone Contains player
  16. Ouch, another idea: Optional task: contract a team of Battering Ram experts to knock a gate down or use a lot of energy to do it yourself... *yourself = the player
  17. I have a cartridge with a door (it's an item inside a zone) and has the command "Unlock". When you perform the action required to unlock it, the command "Unlock" is replaced by the command "Open". And then you can open it. I didn't offer the option "Break it Down" because it's supposed to be one of those ancient oak doors... You'd need a battering ram to destroy it... You can play with the commands like that in items...
  18. 1. There's a way to check the number of items, I never used it but someone will let you know how to do it... 2. You can ativate and disactivate item commands. If the player has the item in his posession it's logical that it only has the command "Place" activated. Once you drop it, it ony makes sence that the item have the command "Take"...That way the playerwill always know what he can do with the object...
  19. If I could put my hands upon such sites... ... my options would be a Letterbox or a Wherigo and would definitely involve an adventure of one of this two gentleman: James Bond, Dr. Henry Jones Jr, so the name would be apropriate with my coice... Your dilema is a bit easy.. Hide the caches and on site you'll realise each one's name...
  20. If you use "Dialog" instead of "Message" you can have several diferent blocks of imagens&text, one after the other.
  21. Just met the guy and lead him by the hand. A guy once logged 5 DNFs in a cache of mine, wrecked a car and other misadventures to get it until he finally did found it one year later. When I put another cache with a well in the surroundings I sent him a mail forbiding him to look for it without my presence, because I'd lead him by the hand to make sure we won't fall into the well... And so it was. When we finally met to visit the cache I led him by hand (literally). Today we are best friends. edited to correct gramatic
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