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New cache or new coordinates?


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First of all, I KNOW I have seen this topic before, but I couldn't find it with a search.


We recently had one of our first caches muggled. They took the log book but left the swag curiously... (I have a theory as to why, but thats a another story)


To be completely honest, it wasn't a GREAT cache other than location. We've decided to do a better hide we've devised about 10 feet from the original location. It's still a small and the D/T will be roughly the same (the difficulty might be a 1/2 star higher)

However the camo and type of container will be completely different. Am I wrong in thinking that (if we go through with this) it would be a completely different cache with a different GC# or will we just be annoying our poor overworked reviewer?

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10 feet is pretty close by, so you should be fine keeping it as the same cache.

This is what I would do. You can simply change the coords (and a small change, at that) with a log entry.

You can change/alter/amend the cache page and necessary info at any time w/o review.


Substantial changes however, should be reviewed.


EDIT: camo or size would not require a review.

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Here are the containers for reference. The old one was under a pile of rocks just off trail. The new one will be in a hole in a small brick wall with just the bondo part showing among some other lumps of concrete...






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FYI for anyone curious: I decided to submit it as a new cache. At the end of the day, we decided that the new hide was different enough that we'd be uncomfortable with someone claiming a find on it because they had found the old one. We also want to give incentive for the people in our area who found the new one to see the improved version.

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