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Geowoodstock Coin Frame

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Very cool. Is there a story about these frames?


the frames were made by Elkwood Arts, located in Ridgway, PA. If you've seen any of my wooden sig itmes, they were all made there...a great group.




just a side note, there is a 2nd version of the keystone shaped coin that was provided to all of the crew of GW9...same coin, but in copper

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now shoko i called you from the event and said i had one ....

does this mean you may be interested if so just give me a call

i also have all the prozys with them also

i knew you couldnt hold out forever.

but you know you have a couple of coins im needing so maybe a trade.....

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The frames and the wooden coin are both made with local (PA) hardwoods: Black Cherry and Sugar Maple at a local sheltered workshop in Ridgeway PA, about 40 miles from the GWIX venue.The plaque is two sided: you can flip it over to see the other side of the coins without taking them out. There were two versions of the keystone coin. The one in the plaque is unique to the plaque only and there were only 215 made. We only had 215 of the wooden ones made, too. (The volunteer coin is the same design but has a different finish.) The round metal coin is the official coin that most people got. All three coins are trackable. And believe it or not there are still a few available for sale! If you are interested contact me at my geocaching profile. --kcepenn

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Gorgeous. What a beautiful keepsake.


They may be available somewhere. There seemed to be many left as they cost $75.00


Really?! $75 is nothing for the craftsmenship that it appears went into this piece. We have art festivals all summer long here and a piece like that would be almost $200 (assuming the coins were each $10-15 a piece plus the frame)

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