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I think they're updated on demand (when someone loads them), but only if they're older than 24 hours or so. If they're newer than 24 hours, you can use the update button to update them anyway, unless they're too new (newer than an hour or so? no idea)


Oh, and you'll see the update link only when you view your own stats through your private profile, but not when you view your own public profile.

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or you may enjoy them. If you like fantasy baseball and can still enjoy a good baseball game despite who is on your team, then geocaching statistics are for you.

The best thing to keep in mind, is that statistics only matter to you. It's a game about fun not competition.


This is coming from a huge stat freak who frequently geocaches 50 - 100 miles away just to get another county when there are nearly 10k unfound geocaches between the two points...

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For me it is about the stats and the pixels I add to my profile, that is what motivates me, and in many cases dictates what caches I will do, I thrive on competition and that's what's got me to a good place in life and what I will always do no matter what I do. And further more, I am not afraid to admit it, amongst other things like the experience it also is about the numbers.

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