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  1. Unable to make those times. Oh well, this is the last year of the block party and I finally have the means and will to travel, so dissapointment is not new.
  2. So FL is basically PA with gators and venemous snakes, and poison wood and plants that cut you. (well technically we had copperheads in the applachians, but I so rarely visited that areas I never worried about it.) Edit: Okay, so I was gonna say that Florida is better than PA because it doesn't have Seven Minute Itch. But apparently it does. Seven minute it h is by far worse than poison ivy and sumac combined. It hit's you with a rush of intense pain and continues throbbing, itching and hurting for days.
  3. What do I need to watch out for when bushwhacking and hikig?
  4. This is one of the few promotional souvenirs that I thought I might get. There's a GIFF event less than a mile from home. Unfortunately, I'll be over 6600 miles from there this weekend. That's too bad about the event. Hopefully the videos will be put up on youtube after this weekend. Is there a list of GIFF events somewhere?
  5. A little out of the loop. And googling "New Jersey State Park" brings up nothing but discussion on what the law should be. What did they decide on?
  6. At least in some countries this actually has been used to reject caches and to ask that the caches are turned into multi caches. So it was much more than just a recommendation. That's probably why they removed it. Maybe, it was intended as a suggestion but each reviewer had it's own take? Probably easier to remove it than to have something in the guidelines that relies so much on how you interpret it.
  7. I only have seven caches, and I do occasionally check the folder. Like today, I found out a cache I hid had a needs maintence put on it about a week and a half ago. I plan on going out and fixing it Thurs or Fri. The real problem is, I don't check the folder as frequently because I rarely use my PC. Ever since I got a tablet, I've been using a mixture of that and my phone. But, both of those make it extremely difficult to check your e-mail in separate folders, so I only really check them when I get on my PC. I've not had a problem yet with maintaining my cache by only checking my notes/needs maintence. I doubt I will have a problem in the future if I make it easier to see I got these things posted to my cache.
  8. Waited two minutes to press the button again. And it still double-posted.
  9. I am sure you can. You can search for keywords(i.e. Needs Maintenance)in subject or body from the No-reply@geocaching.com email address. I imagine you could also look for "wet log" or "missing log" if you wanted to get fancy. If you want to just leave the important email in the inbox you would only need to look for "Found" from the same email address and move those to the separate folder. To get to the filters: Gear button -> Settings menu item -> Filter tab -> Create a new filter But, what about Needs Maintence logs that say found in them. Like, for example, "I found the cache and it was soaked, I think you need to replace the logbook".
  10. I have a few popular caches in Center City Philadelphia. These caches get found multiple times per-day. I don't really want to look at the "found-it" notes, but I do want to take the time to maintain them. I had set up a google filter to just send all my emails from "No-reply@geocaching.com" to a separate folder than my inbox. The problem is, I don't really check it very often. Is there a way, on geocaching.com or through google filters to set it up so I only receive notes/needs maintence logs?
  11. 89-cent store BTW. And yeah, that's my goal. I found a section of Philadelphia without a cache hidden for a mile, so I want to plug up the hole while using up a magnetic key holder.
  12. Like the metal things, that you stand under, with a single bench? Usually with an advertisement inside. I've never seen one hidden like that before and it seems like the perfect place for a cache I plan to hide tomorrow, but don't want to have the listing refused. I just found out you can't place caches on mailboxes, and don't want to make another stupid mistake.
  13. I realize this post is over three years old. However, I have to make mention of this: I really appreciate the fact you chose the word "evolved" rather than "devolved".
  14. If the kids are big into stats, you could just archive the cache the day it was published and let them all log it. That's happened a few times for temporary caches in my area.
  15. Yes, although I see the irony and humor of naming a lame cache after a multi cacher of the year, the rest I just dislike. Mind you the rest is obviously just my opinion..... If you are asking a person to see a cache you created is a soggy key holder the best you have to offer? I understand money is a factor but I have seen caches that cost nearly the same possibly less but a lot more interesting..when gas goes up again after the election I will be extremely particular about caches I find I would probably ignore all 20 of yours, unless I am wasting time in a parking lot while my wife shops. I recommend emailing some cachers on here that have earned tons of fav points and asking for advice on building a unique cache...What do you want your reputation to be a guy who puts out awesome interesting hides or a guy who places soggy key holders soon to be archived? Again this is all my only opinion and I am relatively new so please take no offense. I only really hide good caches... So far I have hidden an ammo box amongst old world war 2 ruins. A paddle only cache. A fake birdhouse. A fake book cache inside Philadelphia free library. Trust me. Location is the important part of my Trenton Makes bridge cache. No larger cache will fit on the guardrail. The view is located alongside a trail between te river and the road. No tree or anything to hide on but the guardrail...
  16. Update: The key holders are actually pretty nice. Really strong magnet, stronger than the brand name. My only gripe, they didn't use much glue to attach the magnet to the holder, so I'm going to be taking the magnet out using a small flathead. Then I will be supergluing them back on with a generous amount. It's a good thing I dissected these things! Yes, they will be guardrails, however. Nice ones. My first one is going to be a guardrail with an amazing view of the Trenton Makes bridge. With the suggestion people do it at night to see the beautiful fluorescent light-sign over the Delaware river. Second one? A cache named, "Lame NJ guard rail cache" just to annoy briansnat.
  17. Yeah, most of the posts were good-natured humor. The humor is the whole reason I like this forum in the first place! However, I really appreciate the fact that you care. It might've saved me a ban when people picked on a certain word I used and turned the intent into a negative one.
  18. Me and my dad stopped at Target... He to buy a pair of headphones, me to go looking for clearance items. Checked the clearance sections... Nothing good. So I walked across the street to 89 cents direct. Never been here before, but expected the selection to be crappier than the dollar store. Junk, crap, junk, trash... Than I found some minute maid for .89 cents so I bought two of them. Continued to look.... once again. Junk, crap, junk, and trash! Than I notice something... Omg, Magnetic key holders... TWO OF THEM! FOR .89 CENTS! That comes out to 44.5 cents per Magnetic Key Holder. I brought ten packages (TWENTY) key holders up. Got a strange look from the foreign owner... So I said, ya know what, lemme just buy 5 packages (TEN) key holders. And I did! What a deal!
  19. ...Missed out on this. I'm kicking myself with iron-reinforced boots.
  20. Most of my trackable "finds" are from people's personal collection at events. Obviously, people sell their coins. What happens though, annoys me. The new owners delete the logs of all previous "finds" on the trackable. This means my stats is one less. This has happened to me five times already... Anyone else have this issue?
  21. I swore to stop posting, but my big ego couldn't hold this post back. Let it be known, I am the one who saw this originally.
  22. I had originally hid it as a traditional, but the reviewer was all liek, "Zomgz, that are teh cache from teh 10 yerz ago, teh rulezz has teh changedded". So I had to hide a micro with the name of the book in it so I could satisify, "u is r teh nedz teh GPS usage adequatezlyz". If the cache was taken as a traditional it would be a 2.5. At least for me, because I can't use a library system to find a book. But, the first stage adds pretty much nothing other than satisfying the guideline. TL;DR, I wanted people to know they didn't have to drive miles to do this multi, or solve an offset. It's actually a different hallowed out book from "anne rices the mummy". I'm worried the multi status will stop people from doing it. Especially all the tourists.
  23. http://coord.info/GC3E522 And... IT IS BACK!
  24. I disagree. I want more caches hidden. What we really need is the under-represented cachers to get into geocaching. * Cachers in the "dangerous" neighborhoods that have no caches. * Cachers in the "poor" but not dangerous neighborhoods that have no caches. * Cachers in small rural towns that have no caches. * Cachers in small suburban towns that have no caches. * Millionaire cachers that will spend the $25 to hide caches in PA state parks... Which, for some reason, have not had any new caches since they charged a fee. And yes, put some $20's and $50's for the FTF's. From what i've noticed, it's basically only rich portions of highly populated areas that get high saturation. It's a shame, so many beautiful small rural/suburban towns without caches. So many poor neighborhoods with a not-so-high crime rate that could use more caches. I already hid one in a poor neighborhood that doesn't have much crime. Only been robbed of $5, once. I could use without the dangerous neighborhoods, but, however, I would like the option to go to these neighborhoods. Plus, i'd like a legitimate excuse to visit an open-air drug market. The issue is, it really is only the rich sections of highly populated cities/suburbs. We need to target the demographics least represented in geocaching. I firmly believe this.
  25. How exactly does this work as a logbook? People write found it on the board and take a picture to prove it? Why would they need to prove it? The point of having a logbook is for the owner then confirm if people really did the cache or not, right? I suppose there are players anal enough to require such 'evidence'. I own a bit more than 60 active hides. All of them have logbooks. I've never compared signatures to on-line logs. I reckon we don't all consider confirmation as the purpose of a logbook. For me, when I find a cache, the logbook is a place for me to share my story. Just like the digital log. You need to be a special kind of anal to scuba dive to double check it.
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