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Earth, Air, Fire, Water..... what next?


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Hi guys...


Some of you will have found my caches - not a great number - but I absolutely love reading the logs and knowing that I am both frustrating people and bringing joy...


I have plans to upgrade Earth and Fire and plans to re-install Water in the near future... Give the whole lot 2 months tops!


I have 3 new caches in mind, and some almost in mind... And now I seek a novel series / a way to extend the Earth, Air, Fire, Water theme...


Any suggestions welcome.


(If you haven't found any of my caches there is an easy way to remedy that :laughing: )

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+ Aether/ ether/ void

wood, metal, glass

sea, sky, wind.

sulphur, mercury, salt (from medieval alchemy)

hot, dry, wet, cold.

bile, phlegm, blood (the humours, from Hippocrates, goes with the Greek elements.)

3 compass points.

swimming, flying, running

thought/space..light/dark...sound/ether (or 7 chakras)

senses (hearing, sight, touch, taste, smell)


physical, mental (emotional), spiritual.


wiki classical elements

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