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  1. Dear GC Folks I geocache using the app c:geo but would be happy to change to any other app. What I seek is the ability/option to post to social media platforms that I have found/logged any particular cache as part of the logging process. In the past I used to do this and it helped grow a Geocaching community around me. Now I cannot find a mechanism to repeat this. Is this still possible / achievable? Thanks.
  2. Hi guys... I am deployed as part of our peacekeeping mission to South Sudan... Prob only returning home 2015 sometime. It has recently come to my attention that my server has crashed resulting in my cache - Urban Art - Give Praise going offline. Is there someone out there who would host a 20mb virtual tour? I will just modify there links in the listing the rheometer point to the new location... Thanks with much anticipation. Dylan Eave ( The-Eaves)
  3. Thanks to a foolish attempt to navigate through the city without GPS assistance, Die-Swart-Kat and I have discovered a wealth of further Urban Art which deserves cache! The problem, however, is the signature container shortage! My appeal is to any local cachers who might have some some containers to donate to the series I have found at least 5 locations deserving of cache placement Thanks so so much in advance The-Eaves en Die-Swart-Kat
  4. Oh dear... I think I have explained my idea poorly... I will make a pretty listing detailing the area (a very special area)... Then design a virtual tour within the neighbourhood... One will hunt for the cache using the VT. When you find it, and click in on it, the final coords will be revealed to you. Then you will be able to drive right up to it, open your car door, retrieve, sign and be gone. Reviewer will prob be flexible enough to allow the flash tour to be off the GC.com server for a novel purpose... Thanks
  5. Hey guys... I have placed a cache in the most dangerous place of town and rather than have people risk their lives to locate the thing I was hoping to make use of 360 degree virtual tours to make the hunt virtual (and safer...) I have the various bits and pieces of camera gear needed make perfect 360deg pics (Motorized camera head, fish eye lenses, wireless controls etc) but I lack a licensed version of KRpano and Kolor Panotour.... I have an old version of Panotour actually but no KRpano license... Ultimately I am hoping that someone out there may be willing to take my 360deg photos and convert them into a flash tour using Panotour with a KRpanp an unlimited domains license. I will then make a link from my GC.com listing to the flash tour where the user will make their hunt.. I am thinking of 5 or so 360 degree pano's linked together... Each of these photos with about 20+ link stills... Basically a completely virtual hunt of GZ for the cache... Kwl hey... http://krpano.com/buy/panotourpro/
  6. J&J! Thanks so much for the reply! I will keep sending emails.. But plz if you do manage any contact please do ask the to contact me as well... Floating platform! Sounds like fun! Wiil go check!
  7. I am doing my best to contact BugaNoo - I placed a cache that is in conflict with one of theirs (<161m) and I am hoping they may do me a huge favor and shift their cache a few meters to make space for my impossible-to-move cache... Please if anyone in the geocaching community could put me in contact with them by any means I would be most appreciative Thanks The Eaves
  8. Which caches are on the hit list? Psalm 119? (or is that not Dark Gorge?) I would be keen to join along with Die-Swart-Kat...
  9. Fellow geocachers... I have an idea for an application that may be useful for many of the avid geocachers out there... Before I begin development I wish to know some simple things about the GC.com API. (More accurately I have a family member who is a software developer - I need to prepare a brief of what I want developed) 1) Do I need to register my application with GC.com before I can start developing? Is the API free to use by anyone not aiming to generate a profit from its use? (My application will only need the basic info from each listing - I.E. coordinate, size, terrain, difficulty, cache type) 2) Does the API have the ability to provide my application with a list of geocaches found by a specific user if that user provides their GC.com username and passowrd to the application? 3) What are the limits on the free API? 4) Where may I find the API documentation? Many thanks (If this post is in the incorrect forum please do move it appropriately) Thanks again
  10. Ralf, Zambesiboy, Mystery... Thanks so much for joining us -- Had you not I would be nursing injuries after ploughing through the blister bush forest! Was great fun indeed! Looking forward to photos
  11. With respect to the above post: I plan on doing Orpheus in the Underworld tomorrow afternoon with 2 cachers from JHB - If any are keen to join plz let me know. doceave@gmail.com 083 776 5030
  12. Hey Ralph... Would be awesome to have you join us!(And any others - more the merrier) 083 776 5030 doceave@gmail.com
  13. Orpheus is top of the list atm... Does it really justify 5-star terrain? I see there is 12 'O Clock Hole as well... (both easily accessible)
  14. Hi there Cape Town guys (I know many watch this thread so I will post a link to my question here as it concerns caching in Cape Town and I am in need of swift assistance): >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Hi Guys... My apologies for being scarce - back now though! I need some help from the Cape Town guys (or those who have cached CT): I have two visiting geocachers coming from JHB tomorrow and I'm keen to take them on a seriously messy journey (the likes of Rattus Maximus; Paths of the Dead; Mines of Moria)... Or just one or two epic Cape Town caches. Suggestions from those with more experience would be welcomed (All members are fit and wanting to get filthy if at all possible) Thanks >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> (reply here) http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=287950
  15. Hi Guys... My apologies for being scarce - back now though! I need some help from the Cape Town guys (or those who have cached CT): I have two visiting geocachers coming from JHB tomorrow and I'm keen to take them on a seriously messy journey (the likes of Rattus Maximus; Paths of the Dead; Mines of Moria)... Or just one or two epic Cape Town caches. Suggestions from those with more experience would be welcomed (All members are fit and wanting to get filthy if at all possible) Thanks
  16. Likewise it was most awesome to meet such esteemed geocachers as Cow and Chicken! Thanks so much for looking after Natalie while we were underground... The crew that went through The Narrows also did a Sterling job! Brianhfox fought with the stones a little at the first squeeze but then slid through all the remaining cracks with serpentine grace. Besem, within meters of the end got lodged (When you fly the word "bomb" is banned! As is the word "stuck" when caving!) for a good 20min and Capeccr (rear guard) appeared to have no problems in the tight spaces at all! Hahahaha... Quite envious of everyone who got to drive home! Nat and I got drenched drenched drenched! I wet to the jocks and suffering from whole body violent shivers by the time I got to Wynberg! Natalie in perfect health though!??? (Amazingly) Meeting you all was an absolute pleasure!
  17. Sad sad news - After AndyT1 had difficulty locating the correct spot to receive the signal I went to investigate only to find radio silence!......................................................... I will start the construction of a more powerful transmitter in the next month and plan to have it done by Decemberish. Please if anyone knows of a resident who would be willing to host my new transmitter and lives directly opposite the sea anywhere between say the shipwrecked Seli-1 and Eden on the Bay - would they please contact said resident and forward me their details? I loved this cache but not enough to go through the process of placing it again (team of the mad men, dressed in all black, 4am, with power tools and a gas torch, to operate on a street light) - in contravention of a million rules I know... Will need a resident to allow me to place it on their property somewhere this time.
  18. I will be joining tomorrow morning! Please just confirm for me which parking lot we are meeting in - the one at the end of Boyes Drive? For those wanting to do The Narrows... it IS POSSIBLE.. We will do the other caves first and see who is comfortable and whose anthropometrics are favorable If you are keen: Head lamp with NEW batteries. Preferably not rechargeable (if so then two sets)... Two pairs of longs to protect knees, disposable long sleeve t-shirt... There is also a team of caving people going tomorrow - I will confirm when and in which direction they plan on negotiating the Narrows (to avoid collision)..
  19. Team Pooky congrats on making 300! I hope to meet up with you guys soon!
  20. Suppose, given the forum, it is likely that caching takes precedent over spelunking. I do, however, offer my services as a guide to any who wishes to pass through The Narrows from Ronan's well (Chilean Miner Rescue) into Robin Hood Cavern (near Amphitheatre)...
  21. Brave souls.... Best of luck!
  22. Hi there guys... I have found myself in the vicinity of GZ during the past 3 months on a motorcycle (with no radio) and hence have not been able to check on my cache... Could anyone who lives nearby please (and has found it - obviously) pop around and let me know if all is well? (alternatively you could try find it... hahaha) http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?guid=afc99bc8-acca-4333-95f6-cce2d7afab4c Thanks
  23. I have asked the question on GSAK forums... Will feedback an answer once there is one
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