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Ode to Tsun


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Her fingers lightly grasp the tools

That draw the swirls and lines

And Gaia’s essence slowly forms

In her earth bound designs.


Her heart lives in Montana

But her soul is fused with all

The earth, air and cerulean sea

Are captured by her call.


She sculpts them into coins

Of minerals and clay

Her art is colored with life’s shades

Creation on display


In her work, mere mortals touch

A piece of the divine

As metal and enamels

Smoothly intertwine


Her fanciful conceptions

Hold us in their thrall

and those of us who see her coins

Must heed the sirens call


But thru good deeds she gives back

In a much deeper way

She dreams the world she shapes

This woman ~ Tsunrisebey



AKA: Patricia Gibson~Williams


My humble attempt to pay tribute to one of my favorite coin designers.

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That is probably one of the sweetest things that anyone has ever done for me :D Every once in awhile someone seems to get what I'm about and I think you're one of those people.


This is what doing the designs is all about, designing from within in hopes that the design touches a person or invokes a special memory. Maybe you can't even pinpoint why it resonates with you but it does anyhow, creating a smile or warm feeling.


Printed and will be framed to be put up in my art studio when it's completed. This will bring me many smiles and inspiration.


Thank you Patricia :)



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