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Geocoin Fantasy Baseball '11


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After a successful 2010 Fantasy Baseball season, TeamHaynes has decided to pass the reigns of Commissioner to myself.


So, I've set up a Yahoo Fantasy Baseball League.


Live draft next week Saturday, March 26th, 10pm Eastern, 7pm Western. If you're not available to draft at that time, set your picks and it'll Auto Pick for you.


Head-to-head with roster changes every Monday. I've tweaked the scoring categories a little from last season. For instance, I took out double plays turned, sacrifice hits, and pickoffs, and added a few, such as earned runs and hitting for the cycle (very rare so I thought that should earn a point).


First nine people to contact me are in. Each player commits to sending one geocoin to one of the top three finishers at the end of the season. The top 3 won't have to send anything.


The top 3 at the end of the season will receive the following:


First place - 4 geocoins

Second place - 2 geocoins

Third place - 1 geocoin


I will coordinate sending the coins out at the commencement of the season.


Send me an email through my profile, no PM's please.


Any questions, just ask.


Aloha, David aka Mauison

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I'm in, although we have changed our geonick from bnprood to account for our newest addition (born June of last year). We are not really collecting coins anymore, but I do enjoy a good fantasy baseball league. So, I will but a coin for the winner, but I will not accept coins if I win. If I do win, I will ask you to send your coins to another person. This year my team name is Batter Up! (I was the Rodeo Clowns last year). Good luck everyone!

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We need one more participant in order for the draft to be a go! Send me an email through my profile and I'll send you the league info, thanks!


I signed up all gung-ho last year then forgot all about it... no worries, my Giants are World Champions! So sign me up again for a lil magic!

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