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Logging your own cache as a find


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We adopted a cache we had never found. We went out and found it and replaced it. It was a find for us as we had never found it and it took a while. We still didn't log it as a find though. We even have a series around a lake and we let others place them while on our boat and still maintain them but never log any of them as a find but would be nice to get those 5* terrains. So for us. NO on logging your own caches.

I think you are being a little too puritanical to yourself. The reason I don't log my caches as found is that I already know where they are. If you adopt a cache, but have never found it, and the old CO doesn't take you there and show you, then it is a found. If I ever ran into that situation, I would definatly log a find.


Strangly, I have logged DNFs on my own caches....


Puritanical? Maybe. I'll likely never run into that situation. If I do though, it would likely be from someone I know well, and like their hides. I do believe I'd might log them as finds, even while being the "owner". Probably never gonna happen though, like I said. :P

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We adopted a cache we had never found.


I adopted a bunch of caches from a CO that moved out of the area. I had found all of them before I adopted them. That's how I knew that the caches were worth adopting and keeping active for others to find.


Yeah, I think it's generally agreed upon that finding caches you later adopted is not a problem. Just did it for the first time ever a couple months ago, actually. Caches you adopted you've never found too, I imagine.


My point was more along the lines of "how can you know of a cache is worth adopting if you haven't found it?" To me, adopting a cache serves the purpose of keeping a cache alive as it was originally intended and suggests that there was something special about a specific cache such that it's worth keeping alive. I suppose that if you're adopting a cache that has significantly percentage of favorite points, adopting it sight unseen might be worth adding to ones cache maintenance duties, but actually finding the cache would help determine if a cache is worth saving or if just letting it be archived and hiding a new one in the same area is a better choice.


So can I log it as a find? We would like to as another find from him in the park. The reason for the adoption was that this cacher had placed many caches around golden gate park, San Francisco. I had found some of them but not this one. He died unexpectedly and we thought it would be cool to leave a cache with his name on it in the park where he had left so many fond memories for us and many other cachers. We stopped by after and fixed it up and like his name still being there. We didn't need to see it to know it was special.


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So can I log it as a find?


No rule against it. Some folks would, some folks wouldn't. Really I think most folks would have gone looking for it before adopting it, so it's not as odd as many of the other examples in this thread.

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Oh, I can sum up logging your own thing in 3 words: CHEAT! CHEAT! CHEAT! :)

No. The find count (which is based on the found it logs someone has entered) should not be viewed as a score. There are individuals who choose to use that way, and others who simply pick the log they feel is appropriate. There are a numbers of reasons (some have been discussed in this thread) why a person may want to use Found to log their own cache. While many geocachers will feel that some of these reasons are a bit tacky, only a few will view it as cheating.


(Like your use of thing for geocache. I don't usually follow the out-of-context thread, but I see your posts are already showing up there)

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I have found a couple of mine. They are adopted caches or challenge caches. I won't FTF my challenge caches, but after they have been found or in the example of my Kern County Quadrangles Cache, I plan on finding them after I complete the challenges. To me challenge caches are less about the cache itself and more about the challenge.


Finding any of my other caches really makes no sense since I was the one that planted them. That is pointless.

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