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  1. Yeah color me unimpressed lately with HQ. I definitely see them less as stewards now and more of a corporate machine that does not care about us, only about the bottom line. They talk a good game, but killing benchmarks and then messing up the search function and telling us "Sorry, we are on vacation and will get around to it when we get around to it" has me completely put off. At least I can go find a ton of adventure labs with little to no effort from a parking lot somewhere. What an adventure.
  2. Did you mistype and meant to say "will not put"? If so, there are six pages of people telling you that this is a direct slap in the face to many members and many members plan on dropping their accounts. For you to come on here and tell these people their experience and feelings do not matter is odd.
  3. My previous log was deleted probably under the guise of my reporting one more broken website link, but really because I was being quite critical of HQ. So I will keep this one on topic. Since no one at HQ can be bothered to help any of us, I figured out some work arounds for this this morning after having a frustrating day in the field yesterday working on a Centroid challenge because as you all know, when searching by coordinates, it automatically sorts by distance from our home coordinates, not the much more useful and usual distance from the search location. So if you go to this link https://www.geocaching.com/seek/nearest.aspx you can input the coordinates you want to search for and it will give you the much more useful data we all miss so much. Go try it, it works.
  4. Thank you for this. I just found a puzzle cache that I am fairly certain had the location to the final in a BM photo. So I was able to get back to the page using your info, but as you stated no photos. I bet the CO doesn't even know. You really did us dirty HQ. I am not happy. I might never be with you ever again. I have little desire to support you in any way any more. That is how wrong this was. However, I do not think you care.
  5. I am glad our countless hours of research through logs and plethora of photos mean nothing to HQ and zero attempts are being made to keep our data available in an archived format. All this community talk is nothing but lip service to the corporate machine and bottom line.
  6. I just realized the biggest part I am going to miss about benchmarking here, the Mark Destroyed. I have spent way more time researching and posting about destroyed marks than found marks. I thoroughly enjoy doing it too. How am I going to log a destroyed mark on Waymarking? I guess I might have to become a NGS reviewer. I do know one thing, destroying the database seems to be everyone's number one complaint. Countless hours of research and logs about to be dumped without an easy way for us to save them. If HQ cared about us, they would find a way for us to easily preserve that data and those images. People should be upset about this and HQ should not just say "sorry".
  7. I like this analogy. The only thing I would add is you decide to bulldoze the house with so little warning that Billy cannot get out of the house and loses all of his possessions. So you tell Billy sorry about your bad luck, but the progress of your house due to your failure to plan was more important than Billy's possessions. And by the way Billy, keep paying your Premium Rent to us after we destroyed all of your possessions. Thanks for your understanding Billy and by the way the new renters are here and they enjoy the open sewer ALs that are stinking up the property so go enjoy that with them now that your stuff is all gone. It will make you feel better. And also Billy, do not forget if you scrape any of your possessions from the house, you violate the TOS and you will be thrown off the property. Go along now Billy. Thank you Keystone. Do you have any links where the best discussions are happening?
  8. Yeah I can only handle so much of HQ telling me to pound sand as they continue to remove the fun parts of the game. Moving the benchmarks over to Waymarking automatically would be nice. Providing some way for us to download the data easily would be nice. Geocaching basically told us "Go find a silly Adventure Lab and you will feel better." Maybe you can make us all a souvenir for trying to save benchmarking. Yeah we didn't succeed, but we deserve a souvey anyway. Its the new Geocaching way.
  9. I put in a lot of effort and time into those logs. To have them just wiped out is pretty disheartening. However, I am not surprised. First the watering down of challenges, then a underhanded attack on my own challenges. This is the reason I did not host my shooting event this year. HQ does not seem to care about us anymore. Whatever it takes to keep Geocaching going with a bunch of everyone gets a prize youth that will never stay dedicated to this game.
  10. The benchmark challenges were fun and I did not just log them to log them. It took some serious work because I take benchmarking seriously. I enjoy logging destroyed more than found it quite often. Here are the best benchmark challenges. 250 BMs 500 BMs 50 BMs in a Day 15 Landmark BMs Five 25 BM Days 100 Years of BMs Alphabet BMs Altitude BMs
  11. My main concern is what about the countless hours of research I’ve performed on benchmark logs? I can handle you are going to kick us off to stupid Waymarking, but to lose those old logs is a huge disservice to all of us who spent so many hours on those logs and enjoy going back to see them again. What is the cost of leaving benchmarking there? What about a benchmarking paysite? Some of us really, really enjoy it.
  12. I am a very detailed trackable mover. I take tons of photos of trackables so you can see where your trackable has been so it takes months for me to upload all of my photos to Geocaching and Facebook. Here is my suggestion. On a cache page's gallery there is a link to take you to the log the photo corresponds to. See this example 01.png. However, on trackable page's gallery this link is missing. I often post links to drone footage in my logs for trackables, but there is no easy way to find out which cache that was or where the footage is. See example 02.png. Really the only way to find this footage is to go to the trackable map and scroll down until you see logs where I have added text to them. Is it possible to get the trackable gallery images to have that "View Log" option as well? I think it would be nice for viewing which cache location a trackable photo was posted to for those wanting to see where their trackables have been. Thank you.
  13. Look at this one! It was gone and now it is back! I have heard you are not supposed to mark them as found when they are removed and put back, but then again, how would you know? https://www.geocaching.com/mark/details.aspx?PID=MD1749
  14. I thought that might be what this was in reference to, but that would actually be wrong. This challenge calls them benchmark landmarks and I was being specific about these landmarks being missing. I suppose if you wanted to be a little more technical you would actually call them intersection stations. I purposely called them landmarks hence me not understanding the attempt at a joke. Benchmark is actually incorrect all the way around. Here is an explanation of that.
  15. Yeah sorry, I still am not fully understanding your humor. What is the error?
  16. Here is one that even Power Squadron incorrectly logged as present in 1990. Weak. https://www.geocaching.com/mark/details.aspx?PID=TZ0048
  17. I like that the very first log on this one was a DNF and was 100% correct that it was gone. Then everyone marked it as found for years! https://www.geocaching.com/mark/details.aspx?PID=SY4001
  18. So this tour got cancelled by a Trump government shutdown. Well tomorrow I am finally going to make it if all goes according to plan. I can finally remove my * find of this challenge and be legit! I will post an update next week after we get back!
  19. I have decided to get them all in exactly 14 caches, but it won't be in a single day. I did a nearly 100 mile dual sport ride last Saturday and found one cache and maintained and planted a few more. Tomorrow I will get the other 13 on my way to Death Valley along the Trona Power Trail. Super easy. Should have the final 10 wrapped up in like 30 minutes. If I were not trying to find them all in exactly 14 caches, there would be no challenge at all to this promotion. Oh well.
  20. So how about this? Kern Canyon Lava Robert Webb published his "Geology of a Portion of the Southern Sierra Nevada of California: The Northern Kernville Quadrangle" in 1936. In his paper he describes that Kern Canyon Fault and its relationship with the Kern River and Kern River Canyon. Webb concluded that the undisturbed lava flows in the area you are standing in indicated that the lava had been established before the fault and the Kern River. Your mission is examine these cliffs and determine if you agree with his conclusions Logging Requirements Please contact me and provide the requested evidence. 1. Note the shape of the rocks here. How do they compare to the composition of The Needles rock formations that prominently stand 2.5 miles southwest of your location? 2. Do you think these rock cliffs were exposed by erosion or did this lava push up into its current location along this canyon? So then which came first? The lava or the canyon? 3. Post a photo at the location of you making an L with your hand or just a photo of a hand making an L.
  21. Here are some photos from one of your links that are at the same exact area. http://150mph.planetrambler.com/080913-14_KernRiver/080913_665.jpg http://150mph.planetrambler.com/080913-14_KernRiver/080913_662.jpg I did read through quite a bit of that old technical write up with help of CTRL-F and looking up references to the Little Kern River and I believe the lava flows occurred before the fault line and river came through. So it makes sense that these lava looking formations are now exposed on top of this river canyon. I think I can do something with all of this. Thank you everyone!
  22. Thank you everyone. Yes I believe that area is volcanic. Most of the region has granite and lighter colored dirt. That particular area has very red dirt and you can tell it is different than the rest of the area. It is very close to the Kern River Canyon and I believe its steep walls might have been created by both erosion and ancient glacial activity. However, these cliffs are a bit different and at the top of the canyon. I will see what I can come up with and post the end result. Though the area might not be accessible again until May or June. And a huge fire swept through about a month or so after I took these photos and the area has not been opened to the public since.
  23. For those of you who participated in our first Wonders of the World UnChallenge to see how long it took you to complete it without changing your caching habits one bit, the challenge continues! The Wonders of the World UnChallenge page has been updated along with the spreadsheet. Feel free to sign up if you want to. Will you stick to the UnChallenge or go ahead and try and knock them all out in a day? I have not decided which way I want to go just yet.
  24. So I am not a Geologist, but if I post these two pictures, are one of you one and can you help me figure out what I am looking at and how to make it into an earthcache? I would appreciate the help. Here are the coordinates just in case the location helps you with clues. https://goo.gl/maps/sAdMpS9a7V8studQ7
  25. I thought it was, but couldn't find it anywhere. You would think they would get an icon for these games.
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