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  1. So this tour got cancelled by a Trump government shutdown. Well tomorrow I am finally going to make it if all goes according to plan. I can finally remove my * find of this challenge and be legit! I will post an update next week after we get back!
  2. I have decided to get them all in exactly 14 caches, but it won't be in a single day. I did a nearly 100 mile dual sport ride last Saturday and found one cache and maintained and planted a few more. Tomorrow I will get the other 13 on my way to Death Valley along the Trona Power Trail. Super easy. Should have the final 10 wrapped up in like 30 minutes. If I were not trying to find them all in exactly 14 caches, there would be no challenge at all to this promotion. Oh well.
  3. So how about this? Kern Canyon Lava Robert Webb published his "Geology of a Portion of the Southern Sierra Nevada of California: The Northern Kernville Quadrangle" in 1936. In his paper he describes that Kern Canyon Fault and its relationship with the Kern River and Kern River Canyon. Webb concluded that the undisturbed lava flows in the area you are standing in indicated that the lava had been established before the fault and the Kern River. Your mission is examine these cliffs and determine if you agree with his conclusions Logging Requirements Please contact me and provide the requested evidence. 1. Note the shape of the rocks here. How do they compare to the composition of The Needles rock formations that prominently stand 2.5 miles southwest of your location? 2. Do you think these rock cliffs were exposed by erosion or did this lava push up into its current location along this canyon? So then which came first? The lava or the canyon? 3. Post a photo at the location of you making an L with your hand or just a photo of a hand making an L.
  4. Here are some photos from one of your links that are at the same exact area. http://150mph.planetrambler.com/080913-14_KernRiver/080913_665.jpg http://150mph.planetrambler.com/080913-14_KernRiver/080913_662.jpg I did read through quite a bit of that old technical write up with help of CTRL-F and looking up references to the Little Kern River and I believe the lava flows occurred before the fault line and river came through. So it makes sense that these lava looking formations are now exposed on top of this river canyon. I think I can do something with all of this. Thank you everyone!
  5. Thank you everyone. Yes I believe that area is volcanic. Most of the region has granite and lighter colored dirt. That particular area has very red dirt and you can tell it is different than the rest of the area. It is very close to the Kern River Canyon and I believe its steep walls might have been created by both erosion and ancient glacial activity. However, these cliffs are a bit different and at the top of the canyon. I will see what I can come up with and post the end result. Though the area might not be accessible again until May or June. And a huge fire swept through about a month or so after I took these photos and the area has not been opened to the public since.
  6. For those of you who participated in our first Wonders of the World UnChallenge to see how long it took you to complete it without changing your caching habits one bit, the challenge continues! The Wonders of the World UnChallenge page has been updated along with the spreadsheet. Feel free to sign up if you want to. Will you stick to the UnChallenge or go ahead and try and knock them all out in a day? I have not decided which way I want to go just yet.
  7. So I am not a Geologist, but if I post these two pictures, are one of you one and can you help me figure out what I am looking at and how to make it into an earthcache? I would appreciate the help. Here are the coordinates just in case the location helps you with clues. https://goo.gl/maps/sAdMpS9a7V8studQ7
  8. I thought it was, but couldn't find it anywhere. You would think they would get an icon for these games.
  9. Can someone post a link to their Mammoth Coin so I can see the icon? I would appreciate it. Thank you.
  10. I finished today with 48 finds over 88 days! I was starting to wonder if I was ever going to finish these wonders.
  11. Glad to have revisited this topic and no one has logged it since!!! Here is another one I just logged this morning (though I found it in July, I am that far behind on uploading photos). Let's see if it gets logged again. I do enjoy doing the research on these to prove they were destroyed. https://www.geocaching.com/mark/details.aspx?PID=HU1373
  12. Benchmarking has always been the red headed step child. I still do it everywhere I go.
  13. I dig for them all the time and then I quite often find them.
  14. I now have four finds during the promotion and thankfully just three wonders. I was starting to think it was going to just keep giving me the wonder I needed for every cache. Now I am sure that is not how it works, but I am not checking the caches before hand since I am participating in the Wonders of the World UnChallenge and not looking at the wonders at all until after I log them.
  15. The reason some of us are like "meh" is because you have until "at least December 31, 2020". And that is why we are seeing how long it takes us from not changing how we cache at all.
  16. As you log your finds, you will need to pay a little bit of attention. That is what I plan to do. Probably just open up the WotW screen and refresh it after every find I log.
  17. I am happy to see some of you are participating in the Wonders of the World UnChallenge. Here is that link again just in case anyone else wants to join. All you have to do is be honest with yourself and do not change your caching habits at all and see how long it takes you to finish the promo. That is it. You can find the spreadsheet link on the cache page. https://coord.info/GC8Y0CX
  18. What I find odd about souvenirs is I like to try to do whatever it takes to get them, even though I really don't care about them! LOL. I never go back and look at them again and I do not brag to my friends the ones I have. They are just another number in my stats somewhere. But I have to earn them all!
  19. And let's say December rolls around and you still haven't finished it, then you can always go out and actively finish it.
  20. I know you are not talking about me. For those that were not excited about the promotion, now they have something they might enjoy. For those that want to go out and seek them, you are still able. That is the nice thing about Geocaching. It is what you make it.
  21. I would say if you already altered some plans to cache after August 12 with the purpose of doing Wonders of the World, you have changed your caching already. However, this is not a competition and you get to be the ultimate decider on what you think is "doing nothing different". So really, that is up to you. Feel free to participate if you want. There are no prizes and it is simply for your own amusement.
  22. And here you go! An official way to participate and track your progress without doing anything differently. https://coord.info/GC8Y0CX There is a spreadsheet link. Fill out whatever data you want on it, just please do not mess with other people's data. This is not a competition. In fact, if you change nothing and do it all in the first day, I call BS unless you already had a cache outing planned for next Wednesday. Either way, I don't care. I just want to see how long it takes me to finish it and if I can honestly say to myself I did nothing differently in that time. Then see when I finish it.
  23. So I just had dreams about this and this might be hard to do. Truly not trying to do any different caching for this will be a challenge. In what ways would you be doing something differently because of this? I mean I have been trying to keep my lead in having the highest percentage found in my county, so if I do numbers runs still, that isn't anything different for me as long as I do not check which Ancient Wonder I am getting to do it and just find them all like I normally do. I am getting my 50th state this weekend. After that I will see if I can make a more structured way to play the game that you can share with your friends.
  24. New challenge. How much time and how many finds will it take you if you do absolutely no planning at all for this promotion? Keep track and we will see. Honor system you will not do any planning for it at all and will just cache like you normally do.
  25. Since they are giving us so long to do this, I vow not to actively seek any of the caches and just see how long it takes me to get it without any effort. Come on Groundspeak. We enjoy working for things that require effort. This requires no effort from anyone who finds a few caches a month. Weak.
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