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Why Can't People Properly Log Travel Bugs?

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I have recently come across many "missing" travel bugs. Why can't people properly log travel bugs? I suggest that there be a way for cachers to remove a bug that is missing from a cache. I know there is a way for the cache owner to do this but no one seems to do this. Perhaps there could be a way to log a travel bug missing (without its #) and after a couple different people do this it would automatically be removed from the cache page. There have been many time that I have gone to a cache for a travel bug only to find it is not there. Let me know what you think and maybe the powers that be can change this. Happy Hunting. Ryan

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I have found several caches, and have a couple of mine that have been used to house a TB that is now gone, yet the cache still is listed as containing a bug. Seems there should be a means for a player to email the TB owner to say "nope, ain't there any more."


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I have emailed a few bug owners about pulling their bugs from caches after several logs had noted that the bug was not there. I did this after visiting the cache myself to verify, so I could indeed say "I know it's not there". One never replied even after a couple of emails, the other two pretty much stated the bug will stay put on the cache page.(Yes, they were polite emails)


It would not change the mileage ratings if the owner simple "picked them up" and kept them in their own posession and later a geocacher finally logged it as found. It would just transfer over to "their hands." They can click the box on/off if they found it in the last assigned cache or not.


I think that after three logs are made of it not being in the cache.... say for over a two week period since the first NO FIND BUG log (giving the finder a chance to log it if they were on some cross country vacation..however they should stop at a library or something and log the dang thing IMHO!) After that time there should be a way for us to notify Jeremy of the MIA bug. He or his helpers could then generate a letter to the owner... if they do not respond with a week.. then they pull the bug off the cache page. Put in the hands of "MIA".. and if hopefully someone logs it - great - then it gets back into service again... if not... we don't have cahces showing a long gone bug.


It would mean that a missing bug would be listed as in the cache for probably over a month - but at least it would eventially get off the cache page!


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I agree! I was just thinking about this the other day when I was traveling from CO to CA. I stopped by 9 cache sites on the way (easier caches) and found NONE of the bugs that claimed to be there... I did find one bug, however it wasn't listed on the cache site. On the other side of the coin, I planted 3 bugs last week (and logged/inventoried them properly on the appropriate cache sites). I read a log that stated the individual went for one of my bugs and it was already gone. It hasn't been checked in (yet?). I truly believe people don't know what to do with them when they find them... even though instructions are posted on the web site. Possibly it can be added on the front page of the geocaching.com web site as a blinking "warning – what to do when you find a travel bug" for a brief time to educate us all.

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I too just recently visited a cache that had a bug on it but was not there. I saw in the log book in the physical cache that a first time geocacher and his family picked it up a couple weeks earlier but failed to log it or the cache find. I can understand that because he is new, but people who are just lazy about logging it is ridiculous. Recently I had to harass my geocaching buddy to log one he found over a month ago. He was just being a slacker!


I agree with most of you on the idea of having the bug taken off and listed as MIA. I have seen owners now sending the printed out page "Instructions fo Logging this Travel Bug" along with the bug itself. Another suggestion I have is to actually add something like "If you find me, please go to the above address and log me in" on the dog tag under the 2 sentences on the back. I'm sure it could be squeezed in.


Personally, I think if you don't know what to do with a Travel Bug when you find one, or if you are going to be lazy and not log it, LEAVE IT ALONE!


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You expect people who start a new "Test" thread every time they want to change their avatar or signature, and then proudly post three or four failed attempts to it rather than edit the initial one, to be able to handle a complicated procedure like logging a travel bug?


These are the same people who worship one fellow as the Patron Saint of Geocaching simply because he knows how to use the "search" feature. (That simple task continues to appear to be "magic" to many site users.)


Wake up!


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I currently have a missing TB in one of my caches. I believe some non-geocachers picked it up. I don't necessarily think missing TB's are the result of malisiciousness, but a lack of knowledge.


Let's take a look at the text on a TB:


"I go from place to place, picking up stories along the way. Visit www.Groundspeak.com to learn more about me and add me to your own!"


Assuming a TB get's picked up by a non-geocacher, or a novice cacher, the text on the tag doesn't give much information. Sure, hopefully whoever finds it will visit the webpage for more info. But what if they don't have a computer, or they forget? Then you have a MIA TB.


The tag should have a better explanation of it's purpose, and say something like "Please don't take me if you don't want to play along."


I've seen TB's with attached info cards that fulfill this purpose, but since all TB's have the metal tag, this info should be on the tag.


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I've seen TB's with attached info cards that fulfill this purpose, but since all TB's have the metal tag, this info should be on the tag.



Here is the sheet with ALL of our Bugs



Now we just put a bug in a cache on 11/29 and it went missing. The cache owner told me he has seen that cacher wait for three months to log a cache or bug.


What would you gain by putting any info on the tag when you have people like that? Nothing is gained by all of these changes. I am with the cache owners, let them send the missing bug back to the bug owner. I waited one month and then pulled my bug from that cache. IF they ever log it, so be it.


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There are a lot of caches that my wife and I have hit recently to get the bugs and all but 1 of 12 were gone. I know a lot od rookies are grabbing some not even knowing what they are and may just be trying caching for the first and last time. This only accounts for a small portion but any saved bugs are worth the effort. Here is a link to a page that you can fill in the blanks and it will generate a sheet describing the bug and what to do to log it , then what to do with it after that. I t says if you dont intend to move it soon not to take it also.




I laminated it and put one in a ziplock with each bug so there will not be any confusion. This MAY prevent a loss at some point. It marks the bug as something special and tells what to do with it without the finder having to surf the site to find the info. Nothing, however, will prevent the jerks that don't care from screwing up your bugs travels, or even ending its life. icon_mad.gif I hope this helps some of you. We haven't lost a bug YET with one of these. icon_razz.gif


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I disagree that geocachers should be able to remove a bug from a cache even if it is missing for sure. There are already occasional caches archived when a couple rookies say they couldn't find it, and yet the cache is still there.


Letting any geocachers, or a few geocachers determine a bug's fate without having the secret code number is giving them too much power in my opinion. (not to mention what others have said about, "let's not make bugs any more complicated than they are!" )


I agree, however, that it's a pain to see a cache that says it has a TB in it when it doesn't. But, I still think it's up to the cache owner and/or bug owner to correct that problem. If they don't (for whatever reason: apathy, they're gone from the sport, or anything) then that is up to them. They own the cache and/or bug.


I also agree that a change could be made on the dog-tags to say some phrase like "don't take me unless you log me on the site" or something more catchy.

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I've also experienced the disappointment of missing TBs. One was just completely MIA, then the person that found it finally logged it after a couple months, with apologies. Another one, the person logged in the cache that they had taken the TB, but never logged the TB. I emailed them about making a TB log, but it never happened. I agree that we shouldn't allow just anyone to log a TB as missing, but couldn't the cache owner be given some rights to at least mark any missing TBs in their cache that have gone missing so that people don't keep coming to their cache to be disappointed?

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I can see why some owners may not want to pull the bug -- hoping that some day it turns up and all. I like the idea about letting them identify (graphically perhaps?) that the bug is MIA....sure would ease the disappointment of expecting a bug when there isn't one there.





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I placed a bug this weekend, and put the cache I stuck it in on my watch list. Sure enough, the next person to find the cache was new (it was their first cache), and they grabbed the bug but didn't claim it on the website. I sent them an email welcoming them to the world of geocaching, and added "by the way, the link to find out about travel bugs is............."--they then went to the link, properly logged the bug, and thanked me for the advise. So, long story short (if it isn't too late), if you place a bug, watch the cache, and if somebody puts in their log that they grabbed the bug, but they didn't claim it virtually, just send them a friendly email guiding them in the right direction. As far as non-cachers that grab a bug, or people that don't log online, I guess you're SOL.


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Originally posted by GeoPrincess:

These are the same people who worship one fellow as the Patron Saint of Geocaching simply because he knows how to use the "search" feature.


I can only assume that's a reference to me. Funny, I rarely use the search feature except to find the exact thread that I knew already existed. icon_wink.gif


Back on topic. I have suggested this numerous times. Always no response from TPTB. Let's see, using the search engine for a few of the topics I know I posted on...


TB is NOT in cache. How to remove it from cache web page?

How to remove bugs?

Stolen TB's



Chicago Geocaching

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