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What to you carry when you go Caching?

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When you go caching what do you bring with you?


I bring some water and side bag with 2 compartments.


The 1st compartment has:

A small bundle of toys to add to the caches

1 Pen

2 Cotton balls. The 2 cotton balls is when I go to the forest and the bugs will be flying around so they won't get inside my ears. I dislike when they buzz very close to my ears.


The 2nd compartment has lots of things.

Small bottle of Hand Sanitizer for cleaning & to clean off any poison ivy/oak oils that may contact my skin.

A bottle of Gel Tecnu for poison ivy, oak or sumac to remove the oils & to stop from itching

A spray bottle of Repel 6 Hour Lemon Eucalyptus Insect Repellent

4 Packets of Individual Handy Wipes

A small bag of napkins in a plastic baggie

5 small baggies to maintain or replace a damaged cache

A baggie filled with 3 AA & 3 AAA batteries for my backup Gps, 2 mini pencils, 4 plastic pill baggies to maintain or replace a damaged cache, several replacement cache sheet logs to fit all kinds of caches & 4 zip ties

A baggie filled with 2 more cotton balls, different sized band aids & triple antibiotic ointment

2 more pens

1 small LED light

1 Tweezer to extract the log sheets from a nano cache or a similar size cache


I will also bring along my 2 GPS units and a wooden stick to move the bushes aside while I go caching through the forest and to use it to poke around to find the cache so no wild animal will bite me.

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We always take a backpack that contains a bladder for water (enough for two), bug spray, anti-itch cream, sunscreen, small first aid kit, and a colapsable bowl if our pup is along for the hunt. Depending on how long we will be out we alway have extra water in the truck and pack a few sandwiches for a picnic.

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I carry a lumbar pack (sounds better than "fanny" pack... hahaha) that has 2 water bottles. We always have a pen and some swag to trade inside at all times. Sometimes I'll throw in a couple plastic baggies and replacement caches. If we know we are going into some wooded areas, we will spray down with insect repellent at the car and then carry a small bottle with us on the trail.


Everything else we'd need (hand sanitizer, batteries, etc.) we keep in the car and get on an as needed basis.


And yes, I carry my Beretta PX4 Storm 9mm. I just feel much safer having it with us, especially with the kids along for the hikes. You just never know what or who you'll run into.

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2 Extra "AA"

2 or 3 pens

sig cards

hand sanitizer

bug wipes

a few extra micro caches if the mood hits to hide one.

A few spare blank logs.

A few small trade items

a small pocket knife.

A small note pad to log travel bugs and notes

all held in a fanny pack. But it is a jagermeister fanny pack LOL


Having on handy pack makes it a lot easier to grab when the mood hits to go caching.


And always the blackberry phone with cachemate loaded and the Garmin Nuvi in the car window.

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When I first started geocaching about five years ago, I used to carry a backpack full of stuff. A year, or so later I decided that the backpack was not worth my effort, and so I ditched it, and only carried my G.P.S. unit, and a pen.


Now I am starting to wean back into a hydration backpack, and this is my current inventory list. Please note though, that this backpack is also used for day hikes, and not just for geocaching. :laughing:


Emergency Gear:


Emergency Light Sticks (2)

Emergency Blanket

Emergency Tube Tent

Emergency Instant Hand Warmer

Emergency Instant Cold Pack

Emergency Rain Parka

Emergency Fire Starter Kit (With Waterproof Containment)


Lighting Gear:


Hand Powered Flashlight

Primary Battery Powered Flashlight

Secondary Battery Powered Flashlight

Flashing LED Safety Light


Utility Gear:


Small Shovel

Tactical Folding Blade Knife

Survival Knife



Camp Gear:





Signal Mirror

Bug Repellant Spray

Clothe Hand Towel

Plastic Bags (Sandwich, and Small Size)

Spare Batteries (With Waterproof Containment)

Lighters (2) (With Waterproof Containment)

Strike Anywhere Matches (With Waterproof Containment)


Clothing Gear:


Ball Cap

Work Gloves


First Aid Kit:


Gauze Pads (3)

Medical Tape

Rubber Gloves (1 Pair)

Neosporin (Or Similar)

Cleansing Wipes

Pain Reliever Medication


Band-Aids Standard Size (3)

Band-Aids Large Size (3)

Germ X (Or Similar)

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No one has mentioned trash bags? Or did I miss that. I roll up a couple of 13-gal. size in my shoulder bag of geocaching stuff -- trying to get into the CITO habit, although it's easy to rationalize, "Oh, it's too hot" or something.


I do a better job of CITO when checking on my own caches -- pride of ownership or something.


Most of my caching has been in Colorado and New Mexico, but when looking for some caches last week in thick Vermont forests, I added a small magnetic compass, because I cannot trust my sense of direction there, and the electronic compass in the GPSr takes too long to respond under thick tree canopy.

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In a Maxpeditoin Jumbo Versipak:


Small bag of trade items

First aid kit

Plastic poncho

Space blanket


Water bottle

Swiss army knife

Fallkniven F1 (knife)

A small flashlight (surefire G2)

a Spot satellite messinger


On occasion, when heading to rarely traveled areas, a .22 mag revolver (Taurus 941).

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I carry my day-hiking gear or my overnight backpacking gear, depending on the cache- I rarely hunt a geocache that's not at the end of a long hike. I also carry a Glock 10mm G20SF for hike caches, or a Sig 1911 when I'm around town. We're an open carry state, so no permit or license is required.

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I just started geocaching but I carry some swag, gps, phone, pen, extra batteries, zip lock baggy, extra logs, bandaids, triple antibiotic ointment, flashlight and water. I carry that in my purse but it looks like I'm going to have to switch over to my backpack because I have to take my baseball bat with when I go out now.

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I do a lot of urban caches and used to carry a mirror for looking under benches. Then a friend gave me this piece of shiny aluminum-type stuff that came in a cheap mirror he got at a trade show. It bends, I don't mind if it gets a little scratched, and won't break in my pocket or caching bag. It's like the 'mirror' that comes in some joke birthday cards. Well worth getting one if you don't like to crawl on the ground or put your hands under seats without looking first.

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