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  1. I recently went to update the finds on my wife's and son's account and found that I could not click on the finds in my account. I can still click on the finds however. Both are still on my friends list and I have tried using several different browsers with no luck. Any idea how I fix this issue?
  2. Anyone have the link for the adoption request for 2005 and 2007 lackey coins?
  3. So any word if there will be one this year?
  4. I will be there. This will be my second MOGA.
  5. I know the Alleghney Geotrail, John Smith Geotrail, & Seaway Trail all showed up around 2007/2008.
  6. They should also take you to some place special. I recently completed the Hocking Hills Trail here in Ohio and I was very disappointed with the places they hid the caches. I understand the trail was placed by the local tourism group but every last stop was outside of a business. Normally i would not mind that but when you come to a place like Hocking Hills with all its historic and natural beauty, you kind of expect the trail to highlight those areas and not a trail riding place and a restaurant. Just my opinion feel free to disagree.
  7. So am I the only one who finds it ironic that the cache owner called the cachers in questions babies when they are the one who got mad, took their cache, and went home, lol?
  8. You can call the local cops about it and explain your case, but I doubt they can do much to track it down. Dont know much about that GPS, does it have a password or lock out feature?
  9. I wonder where all the butt hurt cachers that are banned on this site will go now, lol. I will miss screwing up their peer review system though. That was always good for a laugh.
  10. You can do what I do. I added a list of trails I have completed to the note section of the stat generator macro for GSAK. Better than nothing.
  11. how far is it from the grave? We will not have to much time. Just crossing the border to grab some caches, see the grave and score some duty free smokes and brew, lol.
  12. Thanks Cheech Gang. That is in fact the location of his actual grave. He was buried on his farm. I already had the address that someone else posted but could not get it to work on my GPS. As for the lack of a cache I think the Canadins need to fix that problem as he was viewed as a hero by the British.
  13. My budy and I are planning on caching in Ontario in two weeks when we are at Midwest Geobash. I am from Ohio and would love to visit the grave of Simon Girty as he played a major role in the Revolutionary War in Ohio. Does anyone know of any caches near his grave or the exact location of his grave? I know it is near the river across from Detroit, but can not find an exact location. Any help you can offer would be most welcomed.
  14. I have hidden two night caches with two different reviewers and have never been asked to list the waypoints for my tacks. Really hope that this does not become the norm as I generally use more tacks than I need to, just to make sure it is as easy to follow as possible. I agree with an earlier poster that you should appeal this one to Groundspeak. It may be the case that your reviewer is new and has not published a night cache before and does not know any better.
  15. Why wouldn't that be allowed? It is a challenge cache. Owner must have made that a requirement to up the difficulty.
  16. I have one that requires you to first find four caches hidden near old blast furnace ruins. Easy to do if you live in eastern ohio and western pa.
  17. If there is no tracking number on the edge I would guess maybe an extag.
  18. They publish their mag on the off months so they just work like that.
  19. Easy, high numbers for those who like quantity over quality.
  20. The Hatfield McCoy House Geotrail Geoart will go live sometime in February. I will add it as soon as the details are finalized.
  21. Several people have asked me why I have not posted a list of active geotrails for 2015. As most of you may know, the forums recently went through a bit of a change. The current list can now be found under the Geocache Type and Additional GPS Based Gameplay subforum. Rock Chalk has taken my list, added to it, and created a Google Spreadsheet of the list complete with a world map with all the active trails marked. There is a separate thread where you can post any new ones that we have not added to the list yet.
  22. Welcome to the game. Traditional-go to the coordinates and look for the cache. Multi-go to the coordinates get coordinates for next stage, continue till reach the cache. Letterbox-based on letter boxing, coordinates either take you to it or to where you start to use clues. There is stamp inside DO NOT TAKE THE STAMP! Mystery-generally a puzzle of some sort to get the coordinates. Earth cache-go to coordinates and answer the questions on the page to log a find. Wherigo-download the cartridge to phone or gps start at coordinates, follow clues, find the cache. Virtual-go to location and answer questions Event/mega/gigs/cito-gathering of cachers Webcam-go to coordinates and snap a picture with webcam on the page Lab-temp caches at mega events Hope that helps
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