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how many of you are....

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in some forums they have a post your ugly mug thread, where you put up a picture of yourself and people bash you, and are supposed to pu tpictures of themselves up as well. but this forum is littered with people who love googling people they hate on here, and all my pictures and websites and personal info is public, and not hard to find at all....


so unles you want to turn this into one of those topics, so be it, but i was just wondering....


how many of you are....


1) Math addicts


2) Ex or current military


3) Dungeons and Dragons or WoW players


4) Scouts (girl or boy)


5) Snake Owners.


6) Have at least one dragon tattoo...


we really need polls in this forum, im just trying to figure out what the higer demographics of players are, I mean I know we are all nerdy to some extent, but whats your main interest?

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1) Math addicts - No but I am really good at math


2) Ex or current military - No


3) Dungeons and Dragons or WoW players - Was into WoW and Everquest


4) Scouts (girl or boy) - Brownies


5) Snake Owners - Not now but previously


6) Have at least one dragon tattoo... - no actual dragon tattoo but a chinese symbol that stands for dragon

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Computer geeks in my family, even my 5yo son, who will, by the way, be starting scouts this fall :-). I was in Indian Guides because they didn't make you wear a skirt :-p


We are all pretty good with math and numbers and enjoy number riddles and puzzles and such (not Sudoku).


I played D&D all through college (undergrad and grad), also a little Gamma World. Not into computer games much though. Me and my son play World of Cars.


Love snakes, none in the family right now though.

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we really need polls in this forum,


You appear to recognize that the forum was deliberately set up without polls (or am I giving you too much credit?).


And yet you go ahead and post your own poll, anyway.




he should also recognize that polls are to be tampered with. there is no "pure" data on a social forum. :)

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We have an Off-Topic forum for posting these threads.


he is not a PM, he doesn't see it :unsure:


And I hope he doesn't find it. We already have the shirtless wonder over there. :unsure:


can we start a fund to get him t-shirt? :)

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I was a girl guide when I was a kid (that's the Canadian word for girlscout)

I have never owned a snake, however I have owned many different lizards and turtles.

I do happen to have a dragon tattoo (among many others)

I am also a married mother of two.


what that has to do with the price of rice in china I don't know, and why anyone else cares is beyond me.

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