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Is there a website where I can type two coordinates

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i use these two websites for my initial setting up of a cache.


first with give you the decimal loat long , to give you a good start for setting up your cache page:


Lat Long finder


you can view it as map, satellight, of hybrid and can zoom into streat level with very accurate coordinats.


The second


once i have visited GZ and got the pinpoint location i use this to find out the distance to any other caches/ closest parking etc.


distance between to coords


and if you need to do the conversion between decimal and DMS cords i use this page


decimal to DMS

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If you're just trying to get the tenth-mile separation, the easiest method is to load your GPX of all the area caches into MapSource, select all of them and add a 0.1 mile proximity to every cache. Now load them to your Garmin GPSr and you'll have the tenth-mile circle drawn around every cache so you can quickly tell if you're close to anything.


Be sure to keep a private waypoint file of all puzzle finals and MC physical stages and you can load those into your GPSr also.

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